Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Scrap A levels if not stop schools at O levels!

Students don’t go to school after O levels despite the purported 80% rule where the schools can only permit students to sit A levels if their school attendance exceeds at least 80%. All schools flout this rule as being unenforceable and worse it gets worse every year.

Go to any A level class in a Government School  and you find less than 10% of the class students in class, and if you are lucky you find a Teacher in the class. In the new subjects like Technology, supposedly being taught in 231 schools islandwide, due to the incompetence of the Teachers who have been poorly trained there are NO STUDENTS as they are all in Tuition classes.

I am assuming this has not come into the fore in Parliament because most parliamentarians have not gone beyond O levels, so they are NOT competent to talk on the subject lest they display their ignorance. SO this is the status of schools in Sri Lanka.

When 100% of students now attend private tuition classes, some in classes exceeding 1000 in lecture halls, what is the point of Education if all students are in crammers aimed at exam technique to get a grade at their A levels, but other than that who learn NOTHING useful that can carry them any further in their lives. Please remember that even students from Moneragala schools attend Tuition classes in Nugegoda, along with the Colombo School students but who qualify to get into University under a lower Z score for Moneragala District, making a mockery of the whole University Entrance system.         

The present Government’s stated policy of 13 years education in schools for all is plain WRONG and an infringement of personal liberties if not their Human Rights. We are educating an increasingly unemployable population due to the method of education, where the State has effectively handed over teaching to private tutories, as we pretend we are in a free education environment. 

Where is our Education Minister on this? I guess he is just too uneducated to answer any of these questions and is grappling with a minor topic of whether or not to allow students to attend tuition classes in school time! What an absolute moron he must be to even get into this discussion, as I have explained the situation above in such a way that any idiot understands it, so it is a no brainer.

You cannot force children to go to school if you do not have competent teacher to teach them. If you have a competent teacher in your school, why would you spend thousands during school hours to attend private tuition classe? Get a brain please first, the Minister of Education.  

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