Thursday, March 24, 2016

Why is the real jackpot Bonanza of MP not questioned?

It was ironic and a bit rich of the Party leaders deciding to hold back on MP allowances, see link below

When the real cost to the Country of the sale of MP vehicle permits now allowing purchases over US$62,500 cost of vehicles that are now sold on the open market as is now permitted for Rs29M.

Not one MP has so far declared this income in his tax return, and therefore paid any tax on it either, and so this is further flouting the rules, as in the asset declaration when the MP is asked how his wealth increased they have the gall to thickly say that they sold the Car Permit for even more than they sold it to hide their other forms of income!!!!

However why is the Inland Revenue going after this income for the tax declaration. Nowhere in the statutes is it said that the income from sale of permits is NOT taxable.

The fact that it is specifically NOT mentioned does not imply it is NOT taxable, as it is income from a sale. Are MPs treating this like a Capital Gain?

I am sure when new legislation is inacted on CGT even this will be excluded and so they will yet again escape.

It is this sort of behavior that discredits our politicians and as they are still infants open to enticements like this, they must be held accountable for their actions, in specific rules or legislation, rather than leaving it completely to the imagination, which MPs lack anyway.

It is high time the brainless Media take up this instead of harping on such insignificant news items, purposely fed by the Govt. to pretend to listen to the grumblings of the public .

If the Media do not take their responsibility seriously, then it is the public who must take action demanding that FB and Web sites are allowed to carry real news uncensored and without regulation!

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