Monday, March 21, 2016

Who is conning whom? 1,000 Houses to 65,000 Houses! Who do you believe? Its a US$2B investment after all!

It is time to revisit this humungous DEAL in the offing, which will have repercussions, and reverberations for the next 10 years, none of the idiots involved are bothered, as it is ONLY dollar signs that are involved for them! Half of the commission agents will be dead in 10 years when these allegations arise and so are not the least bit bothered.

Please read through the link very carefully in the Daily News today, and you will notice a numerous amount of anomalies. It is so biased towards the DEAL, you can be assured that the journalist who shall remain nameless is a beneficiary too. That is how the game is played in Sri Lanka, and it is the public as always who is the loser.

As a public interest activist who has NO personal motive, but to ensure the people of Sri Lanka, get value for money in all investments made on their behalf, I would like to see a completely transparent transaction, at a cost of 25% below that which has been allocated, as the difference is just for bribes as not for the real cost of the operation!

I am not blaming Mittal who is a businessman, but I know that 25% can be shaved off the cost in one swing, WHICH IS ACCEPTABLE to Mittal, but not to the hordes of middle men who want to skim off this contract to buy their Range Rovers to show-off! Of course here NO commissions to anyone please!

So if the reporter had the gall to misquote to say only 1,000 houses have been built, even the Indian Grant for 50,000 houses would then seem to be a lie, and it would or should be the Indian people who should complain that their funds were misused, after allocating the promise of 50,000 houses!

As usual, even the reporting on the President being happy, and the people being happy with the house is all smoke and mirrors, as the show house is a show house! What guarantee do we have that this will be how all the others will be?

More importantly, one has to live in a house for 5 years to realize the quality of the Construction. We don’t know if the roof in this prefab construction, will merely produce a furnace, and the Solar, and AC they talk about is from technology so last century as to be insulting even to those recipients.

The most important matter is that the public of Sri Lanka have NOT been informed of the annual cost of paying back this loan, and over which period. Until that is clearly stated we cannot say what a white elephant and a colossal waste this project will be. If you read this entry in 10 years you will see who is telling the truth, and if this segment is merely a figment of my imagination! 

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