Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Traitors of the National Government! Who? All!

There is a public attempt to be fair, and show NO favoritism. However the very people who talk about Good Governance are those who sincerely believe that they are NOT doing anything wrong, by giving their supporters jobs NOT for their ABILITY, but MERELY because they have helped them in their political work and received these sometimes, high paying jobs, which do not carry with it a proper work routine!

This is just going against ALL basic norms, of justice and fair play. A case MUST be taken out in the Courts, to convict a Cabinet Minister for such crimes, and they will sadly have to be the scapegoat who is sent for hard labor, for crimes against the state for such plainly treacherous action.

I know their excuse is that everyone is doing it, so why shouldn’t they? Well it is the Ministers who learned the bad examples during the Rajapakse administration of wholesale treachery who are the worst culprits as some of the new members of the Govt. are still learning how to steal, whilst the past masters are at it big time, laughing at the incompetence of the UNP newcomers in their attempts to help their backers!

Whatever the circumstances, a crime is a crime, and they must be prosecuted under the full force of the law for breaking their code of best practice which they don’t seem to know anything about. I am very unhappy at the extent of this, as already with an overloaded Govt. service we are having the very same Ministers, overloading this further making it even more impossible for the Govt. to cut down on their bureaucracy.

This expose is just typical of most of the mob who are in power, and only slightly less brazen than the mob they replaced, but it is the Country they are letting down, further reinforcing the claim I have made right throughout that a different animal must rule over us, from the rotters who have been in power all these 70 years.

So for the crux of the argument, a one term only parliamentary MP, so they don’t have to worry about re-election, and keeping promises, or making promises for that matter, as giving a job to one who is not suitable is NOT a worthy promise that has to be kept. When we have so many suitable people losing out to incompetence then only buffoonery reigns in the corridors of power, with able people not coming into recognition to help the Country.  

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