Wednesday, March 30, 2016

The Responsibility of the UNP now devolves to the future generation!

This is the PMs mantra today! However there is no one with any sense to devolve leadership to!

That is all very well in theory, but in reality there is NO ONE who has the tiniest bit of vision in this future generation to take the party forward. Just take the mental deviants who inhabit the National Youth Front. There is not one educated person who is doing a proper job in their ranks.

It is just people who have wasted the past 15 months waiting for a position in the party, rather than get themselves busy doing something productive for the Country. They finally received a commission to be Overseers of some RDA projects under the Ministry of Highways, that is a renewable contract every 6 months. These sinecures created more ill will in the ranks due to those who did not get them feeling they deserved, when those who have barely been around for 6 months were able to wangle a freebie, by sheer determination and tom foolery!

That in essence is the problem with the FUTURE. There are few people in the political spectrum who have the qualities the Country really needs as regards, an understanding of what is needed for all areas of governing. They maybe able to rabble rouse, and be able to speak at hustings, but being proven in a logical setting of grasping and problem solving, it is simply ZERO.

There in lies the rub. If the PM identifies people with a vision and capability, you can be assured that they have not done their time in politics, and therefore will not find themselves acceptable to the grassroots supporter and be damned as one who has been unfairly anointed, however much the PM imagines he can place them at the top. They will just not be acceptable.

How does one get away from this moniker, and yet get the needed leaders to set the strategy and plan for the future? I don’t think under the present crop of UNP leaders, there is even one with selfless motives, who really thinks of the future. His personal needs come first, and damn anything else, the future of the party or Country.

It is commendable that the Yovun Puraya will start today for 5 days, bringing 5,000 people together. However as this is apolitical and no UNP youth other than the opportunists who fill the NYSC will be around. So it is really not a future leaders program, in the way the PM envisages, as all the most productive youth have not been identified, as they are really busy in their jobs, or vocations, with only time for the underemployed opportunists to turn up! 

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