Friday, March 18, 2016

No Tobacco by 2020 (45 months from now) practical! priority! Or pusillanimous?

In a little over 45 months, 2020 will dawn, and the President who will still be in office, will have to eat his own words by making statements like this, but why?

Currently Tobacco Tax yields the Govt. Rs100B per annum from payments made by Sri Lanka’s highest market cap company Ceylon Tobacco. This amounts to more than the amount received for a year from Personal Income Taxes! So if this is what our leader is saying, he MUST follow this up with alternatives to compensate, one for wiping out the most efficient and productive Company in Sri Lanka, that has the most effective and advanced outgrower incentive and cooperation system in Sri Lanka.

I don’t smoke, and I want everyone in Sri Lanka to stop smoking, but I am practical and see far more important challenges that we must face and overcome by 2020, and I put eliminating the scourge of drugs by then in the top of my bucket list! Why is he not making that his priority too? Is he the biggest drug dealer in the land who wants to protect his turf by abolishing tobacco? It sure seems like it with such acinine statements. Coming from a leader of a Nation is frankly simply out of order and SHAMEFUL!

The fact that NO one picks this up, and challenges this in Sri Lanka, says a lot for the mental capacity of the journalists, who simply have failed in every respect in reporting objectively and further making constructive comments for the benefit of the Country.

Mix the two, Our present President and the Media, and you have a poisoned Cocktail, ready to destroy Sri Lanka, and the people don’t even realize it!

Readers, put on your thinking caps and make rational comments on such wayward statements. We owe it to Sri Lanka to prioritize what is urgent and work as a Nation to overcome those challenges, rather than resort to paying lip service to asinine statement of our leaders, and I might ad the previous President who said yesterday, to hand the Country over to him, if we cant run it! The most bigoted and dumb statement that could ever be made from a sane man, and proves his level of pig headedness, and perhaps insanity too!

We are like a pack of animals being lead to slaughter by our Politicians, who frankly have lost their rights to make any decisions on our behalf, anymore. We must take over the decision making processes our selves, by being able to vote on all these rulings directly by plebiscite, now possible through smart phone technology, from anywhere in the world that will make us truly democratic!  

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