Tuesday, March 29, 2016

The Universal Claim – What have you done for us?

There is NO AMOUNT OF MONEY you can pay me to be a Minister in Govt. especially of the UNP today. Why? You just ask any of them how life is. Their universal answer is that the one set of people they really dread confronting are their own party supporters who whenever they meet bring out the long list of complaints.

All Ministers to a fault, try to avoid going to their constituencies as they have to face these myriad of allegations that they have done nothing for them!

We have a Government, but you are still acting as if you are in opposition and have not given anyone one of us anything worthwhile for all the support and suffering we endured for over 20 years in Opposition.

Look at the President he is helping his supporters by giving jobs, somehow, in places where you are telling us you cannot place our people because there are NO vacancies.

The previous Govt. has their people in all Ministries and are only informing their own Ministers of the SLFP of what they are and somehow are giving the positions to them, right under the noses of UNP ministers in those Ministries.

Constantly, when told that there are NO placements, they promptly refer to a case of a person who was somehow put in for a job by an SLFP Govt. MP or Minister! To debunk this point with a vengeance.

Due to the nature of the PM, Ministers are frightened of confronting the PM and conveying these grievances, lest they will be scolded like little schoolboys! In a sense the Ministers must collectively confront the PM to find some temporary solution to counter the allegation that the SLFP set of the National Government seem to somehow give their supporters something to be happy about, whilst the UNP have not been able to satisfy theirs, resulting in an unbearable life for them!

Actually it is for the sake of the Country, for the National Government that the UNP Ministers are paying this price, IN THE NATIONAL INTEREST but that does not amount to a hill of beans to the die-hard UNPer who is now hell bent on criticizing his MP, or the one he or she helped in the last election. There has to be a resolution to this uncomfortable situation one way or another.

Further this catch22 situation is so the new Constitution has a chance of seeing the light of day during this Parliamentary Term. So is in the National Interest.


  1. ROFL... what a joke.. so basically you're showing ur self to be a typical UNP Toiya

  2. H-ha!You really shouldn't have exposed yourself publicly. So it's okay to trade government jobs for votes?