Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Let the people of Jaffna use their common sense! Don’t assume

What a ridiculous argument by the Northern Province Chief Minister to say, that because Jaffna farmers want a return of their land in the vicinity of the airport, the plan to make Jaffna airport an International Airport, cannot have a lengthened runway so international airlines can use it with more modern aircraft.

These are the sort of hair brained attitudes that people have when they try and make decisions on behalf of their charges, and people yet to be born.

When someone like Vigneshwaran who will NOT even be alive when the International Airport is complete, does he not want any planes to land once he is dead? This is the sort of thinking that will not allow Jaffna to develop to its true potential for the benefit of the people who live there.

Firstly, there is the Diaspora who have NO right to speak on behalf of Jaffna, as their money sent to the youth in Jaffna have made 50% of Jaffna youth alcoholics, (yes the Army is also to blame as they encouraged drinking) In the same way, a Colombo based or bred or employed Judge to speak on behalf of a few landowners who want their land back is unconscionable.

Yes pay them a reasonable compensation, but the land hitherto occupied for 40 years is better used for runway expansion, rather than return and then having to re-take the land once the absolute need for a longer runway is realized.

So all I say is don’t make an issue out of it. Explain the overall benefit to the people of Jaffna who can have an International Airport so that at least the biggest planes in the Sri Lankan airlines fleet can land there even in a case of emergency, and be done with it.

Tell me I am unreasonable, as I cannot think of ANY reason NOT to use this extra land now available, and UNUSED for this essential purpose. Jaffna has a water problem which is getting worse, and so the land use will have to very carefully thought out. Further, due to Global warming, how much of the Peninsula that will be lost to the sea has also to be considered, and flood retaining walls or dykes will have to be built with Dutch assistance.

Think about it, there are more important matters for the Jaffna folk than holding on to about 200 acres for the runway extension! 

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