Wednesday, March 16, 2016

The Power Outages – a time for CEB Engineers to be penalized

It is all very well for the CEB to issue a statement explaining why the outage occurred and worse why it seems to happening with greater frequency and Lakvijaya at Norochcholai adding to the woes, but the responsibility MUST lie with the HIGHLY paid CEB engineers.

For starters, immediately put a 50% garnish on their paycheck they are about to receive at the end of this month. In an instant the blame game will spread, and we will find what they think of the whole system. Something they have kept mum about, as many have been on the take in recommending faulty technology.

A withholding of pay for a year, until NO significant outages occur will put them on their toes, and will not result in their current lackadaisical attitude to blame. Anyone but them type!

Of course some in Govt. and social media are blaming the moles of the Mahinda faction in the CEB for this to discredit the Govt. We must not jump into that conclusion, as there are two committees already in place to investigate the causes and report back.

We must understand that this is causing a lot of disruption in the private sector businesses, as some of the standby generators cannot carry the whole load during the power blackout periods, and the cost of diesel that is running these generators means a considerable loss to them.

It is IRONIC that the non-productive Govt. sector have generators, and acs running all paid for by the tax payer, when businesses are contributing to the development and growth of the Country are suffering needlessly!

If there is one occasion cost consciousness MUST be driven into the empty minds of Govt. servants it is NOW, that they are dragging the country backwards instead of forwards, and decisions taken by various entities of the public sector is currently contributing to this scenario. Is a new highway the most important or ensuring that all substations have machines that are NOT ancient and can carry the loads that are being put through them. After all this is basic stuff the CEB engineers if they have had any kind of training should be very familiar of, and it is obvious that they have collectively let the Country down, and like the Chairman who offered his resignation, the whole UNION must offer their collective resignation in shame as to what happened!

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