Monday, March 14, 2016

The First Son syndrome pictured in all its lurid detail!

I don’t know how the President’s son went to Royal but from what I understand his admission into Royal would not have occurred due to NORMAL entry into whichever year it was, but at the discretion of an admitting Principal, though it appears THAT NO ONE DARE ASK, as that again will be reserved for the next Government when they decide to investigate the circumstances over which Daham Sirisena was admitted into Royal.

You can come to your conclusion, on firstly why the President himself wanted his son in Royal, and secondly how he was admitted, and thirdly, what his education, sport or extra-curricular contribution to Royal was, as I understand it the latter was nothing at all!

I have nothing against the man himself, but his psychological make-up for wanting to get on stage without invitation is called into question, as being abnormal, as he already would have had security clearance, that other mortals would NOT and hence the security would NOT have stopped him in getting on the podium with the PM.

In reality he has embarrassed his father, as I am sure, his father would NOT have approved of this conduct, which I put as a consequence of the disease called FIRST SON SYNDROME that some children of leaders of Countries seem to suffer from.

Social Media and media in general is now questioning this behavior which was certainly unwarranted, and has exposed the organizing committee to ridicule NOT of the their making, but as is usual when the behavior of others is not as a consequence of what you have done, (ala CEB power failure) it is usual for someone (not the culprit) to share in the blame.

In this case I don t believe it should be the Organizing Committee guys who should be facing these uncomfortable questions because of some mental retard getting on stage, but it should be an open apology of the father for the son’s behavior. 

I understand that this is NOT the first time he has embarrassed his father, who is finding it exceedingly difficult to control his only son, which I am sure his mother is also suffering with. I have also alluded to the problem of Sri Lankan parents poor ability to discipline their sons. I have called it the “mamma titty” syndrome of Sri Lankan mothers overlooking their son’s misdemeanors due to the lack of affection from their husbands being transferred to sons!!!  

Any psychologist, psychiatrists would care to comment on this type of behavior. After all if he was NOT the President's son he would not even have been allowed anywhere near, even if he wanted to without causing a security alert, resulting in the firing of the personal security office of the PM!

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