Wednesday, March 9, 2016

If we ever needed proof that we have frogs in our Cabinet!

The mind bogglingly insensitive comments attributed to the Education Minister no less, is proof if ever we needed, that the people occupying such positions are simply NOT qualified for them. By not being partisan, I must confess that the utterances of the previous Education Minister, Bandula Gunewardena were even more puerile, to a standard of being from someone with a developmental disability, reflects the state of education in Sri Lanka today.

I have listed the links to the intellectual discussion relating to the privacy rights, and rights of disclosure, and what cannot be said etc. so that the reader can determine for themselves, whether I am fair or unfair on this criticism.

Added to this faux pas from people who should know better, the Higher Education Minister no less has added to his long list of deficiencies by attacking his detractors, a totally futile proposition, that any politician worthy of being called that name would accept.

With members of the Cabinet hogging all the limelight of the news, it must seem to an Extraterrestrial observer, that the only thing wrong in Sri Lanka are its leaders who hog the limelight, as it is a place so boring that ministers falling flat on their faces is the only news worthy of publishing.

I would just warn the them that it is also because the journalists are barely a brain cell or two better, and find it easy to report on this than on real news!



  2. It was quite plain all along that Akila Viraj was too naive and inexperienced to handle something as important as the education portfolio. Shudder when I think of the damage he is still capable of doing to the sector.It's Ranil's fault; he should know better. Must have had such an inadequate pool to choose from in the first place.