Tuesday, March 8, 2016

International Women’s Day – Women’s Forum 2016 – Questionable!

What are the real objectives of the Women’s Forum to be formed today, at the Kingsbury! To start with choosing the Kingsbury is a straight up Colombo 7 English Speaking Women’s Patronizing Get together with NO price published in the ADS in the Newspapers for attendance.

It is therefore almost exclusively an invitation for successful English Speaking Empowered Women to come and GAS about their Common Objective of “EMPOWERING WOMEN”

I have NO doubt that it will be well attended by well intentioned women, who want to give back to the community, but I can assure you that the empowered women who are actually giving back to the community on a daily basis will NOT be there, as these types don’t know that they even exist at the grassroots level, working tirelessly without funds to empower their kind to improve their livelihoods.

Obviously, I will be wrong if I say that they will NOT come up with a concrete plan of action to be of use to women of Sri Lanka, but the odds are against that!

Firstly, getting Harsha and Sudarshini to this is the wrong move. He is just a Colombo 7 type intellectual who cannot add a dime to the conversation here, and is only fodder for his Facebook account to show that he is the token man in this gaggle of notable (of Intellectual, Educated, Enterprising, Wealthy, & Empowered) women. Politicians have NO place in such a gathering, as it ONLY takes away from the objective. 

Sudarshini, though she is a Doctor, is now a grace and favor politician who is there only due to the fame and fortune of her late political husband, and further detracts from this objective!

I understand “PARITY” is the name of the game, that these women are working towards. However before they get there, we must understand that women are better than men in certain fields, and so parity is NOT the issue, and it is giving the devil her due! So if women are able to run a Country better than men, and are proven to be able to balance a budget and NOT lie, then why shouldn’t parliament be exclusively women? Why NOT?

So for starters we must educate the women in the Forum, of what International Women’s day signifies, and permit them to go forward on a platform that is both practical and doable with targets and timelines to fulfill, 



  1. What we need is to empower men to understand their insecurities and thereby eliminate their bias against women. It is NOT due to women not being empowered, it is due to men being so mentally weak, that women suffer so badly.

    It takes two to tango, send all the men to a shrink, starting with the ones in Parliament, and you will notice the change immediately.

  2. The Report from the forum from the attendees