Monday, March 28, 2016

We have ALWAYS elected third rate people to Rule us! Why?

I am NOT an elitist, however it saddens me that one can ONLY count on fingers in one hand those who we could truly be proud of as Sri Lankans who contributed to the well being of our society during the 70 years since Independence.
The link above tries somewhat to explain part of this problem, but where have we gone wrong, where all other countries starting with our infrastructure, international reserves, and public administration system in 1948 would have surpassed us by leaps and bounds.

If we ONLY look at the Railways, where the Tea from up country was even brought from Opanayake near the Balangoda Hills to Colombo, when now this line ONLY extends from Avissawella! To know that we have somehow REGRESSED as a nation, full of petty values and grievances, which are also reflected by the same of people elected by us, mirroring our society.

We Sri Lankans only elect those who are as dumb as we are, or DUMBER. In other Countries with the USA as a possible exception! Elect people by and large who are more sensible, and have the interests of their Country at heart, and therefore a little bit more knowledgeable than the General Public.

Is that WHERE THE PROBLEM IS? Are we so dumb, that we cannot even identify anyone who is actually better than us? Why are politicians bent on making elementary mistakes? Even in the current situation, where the Govt. has to balance its books and they have NO option but to tighten their belts are they giving MPs car permits which they sell for Rs29Million, and don’t pay tax on this profit, and at the same time allocate another vehicle for their use? They must be absolutely mad!

I put the question to my readers. We elect our leaders, so cannot blame anyone else but ourselves for this mess. We have bungled along from one mess to another, and don’t seem to emerge out of it. SO what gives? I don’t have an answer except to say that NO ALTERNATIVE WORTH CONSIDERING has been presented yet. Who can come up with the better alternative, with a rational explanation, along with the capability to explain to fairly uneducated people, that it is the ONLY means to the required end. THE PROBLEM IS THAT THE PUBLIC DON’T EVEN KNOW WHAT THEIR REQUIRED END IS!!!!

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