Thursday, March 10, 2016

Harsha v Sudarshani spat not relevant in such a forum – Women’s Day

As I have already reported, the hype of the Kingsbury Forum of empowered women did nothing to further the cause of women in Sri Lanka, especially those who are actually looking towards empowered women to help those needing empowerment.

Ridiculousness of the Pledge for parity is clear if you read the attached link!

So when Harsha says correctly, that women who follow Higher Education but don’t work, are a cost to the Economy he is right. Sudarshani says, it is the women’s right to study if she so wishes but she can stay at home after that if that is her choice, is also right! So where is it a problem?

Well as long as the poor people of the Country pay for this higher education, and the person receiving it does not do anything with it, there are two negatives. Firstly they deny someone else who would take advantage of it from getting an education, and secondly, the State cannot afford to pay for something that is not made use of. So what is the solution?

The issue with Free Education is that its value is NOT appreciated by most who receive it, and so in the Tertiary sector at least, one would recommend, a token payment of say Rs5,000 a month, until graduation, and if unpaid a debt to the state arises until they sign off as either finished or dropped out. This will prevent those who engage in Student Politics for 10 years from hanging around!

Sudarshani also exposed another anomaly, as she is one who received free education to become a Medical Doctor, costing the state over Rs10M, and she is now an MP NOT using her education. So should she not repay the state the cost of her Education? I think she should, so she can exercise her free will.

This is a super example of the reason for payment, deferred or not, for Tertiary Education. In summary this was NOT a topic for discussion at this forum, and should be reserved for a Policy Framework, and that is why I said in by blog entry, that Politicians should not have been invited, especially to speak.

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