Tuesday, March 15, 2016

I don’t know what to make of this story – can you?

All I know is that the Police in Kotadeniyaya are still seething with the embarrassment and allegations thrown at them for accusing this school boy of her murder, and interrogating him, which later resulted in his life being made very hard!

So now some months after the event, when the Police say they got a tip-off and arrested the boy in possession of heroin, I don’t know what to believe as the parents are alleging this is a set-up.

The reason I decided that this was worthy of a blog entry, is because it goes to the heart of the behavior of the Police force in Sri Lanka, that MUST learn to take mistakes in their stride, in the Good Governance era, as they are used to acting with impunity in all cases, as hitherto no one has contradicted their right to misbehave, and to do things outside of the law, in their own sometimes, cavalier manner.

It is very important that whatever they do in future is within the law, and legitimate, and not out of any sense of revenge, or absolute authority of the Officer in charge who in the past has acted as if they rule the village they lord over, instilling fear in the subjects, and getting together with all the wrong people, usually the rich, powerful, and underworld to involve themselves in all sorts of misdeeds to pad their meager earnings with ill-gotten gains.

Let us hope that due to the history of poor police work at that station, that their superiors will see fit to independently carry out this investigation outside of the Kotadeniyaya Police Station, so that the student will have a fair hearing, and if he is guilty of a crime, face the judge independently of his past fame!

It is by this slow and steady action to convince the general public that the Police can once again be trusted to be fair, can we the general public have confidence in our Law Enforcement Services, as we MUST be protected from criminals and not be protected BY criminals as has been the case in the past.

Regaining Good Governance, which the combined opposition are intent to discredit at its rally on March 17th MUST not be allowed to gain traction, as it is going to reverse some of the gains in democracy and governance, we have so far painfully and slowly been able to bring about. There is a long way to go, so don’t try and deny progress by vengeance! 

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