Friday, March 25, 2016

A safe method to exact your intentions against your Nemesis!

In the link attached, giving Professor of Anthropology Gananath Obeysekere rationale for intent to kill being transferred to sorcery, explains how the use of methods such as breaking coconuts at Seenigama which we witnessed recently relieve somewhat the anger against a person, by hoping that act of breaking the coconut will kill the intended person by remote control!

So if anything even less serious happens to that intended person, it is seen as the sorcery actually working. It is this kind of attitude that some of our supposed leaders still have over wishing their rivals clear out when beating them in an election fair and square does not do the trick!

What I found even more fascinating is that all religions have this type of unintended means, and that places like Munneswaram are used by those adhereing to different religions, but with the same belief in sorcery and its power!

The article is well worth a careful read, to understand the mindset of people who go to these sorts of places, and if it somewhat reduces the incidence of actual murder, what can I say, but suggest that it is a form of behavior that could be tolerated for the sake of keeping the peace, and the murderer to get his own satisfaction without actually committing the act against his intended victim. Smash the coconut instead and all will be well, your wish will be granted.

ONLY IN SRI LANKA you never miss a trick here!

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