Tuesday, March 1, 2016

50% drop out after O levels – they need a structured exit to employment

Granted they have the lowest unemployment rate in Sri Lanka, but let us give these most productive citizens a fillip!

Following on from the previous two entries on Education, and my recommendations on how to generate a productive workforce, the overwhelming need of the hour, I recommend a training to all those who leave school after grade 11, whether they pass or fail.

Plans are currently underway to establish vocational universities in each District. Then there are technical colleges abound, which can be used to offer the following vocations at a minimum. Hospitality, Agriculture, Motor Mechanics, Plumbing, Electrical, Carpentry, and Construction, all skills in high demand.
The initial will be a basic diploma from which they can graduate to other levels if interests and skill, and need so demand. Only the first year to be offered at a nominal cost, NOT FREE as then it will not be taken seriously.

This way, all students will some basic skill, that can be marketed, in a Country that is undergoing a severe skill shortage in the aforementioned areas.

These suggestions are NOT rocket science and can easily be implemented, once the carder of teachers are properly trained in suitable courses so they know what it is that the market actually demands. This is direct market approach, and even some on the job training of 6 months before the award of the certificate may also be appropriate.

This is also the stage to offer remedial teaching in English and Maths, as both are required no matter what is followed and bearing in mind that some of these trainees will pursue jobs overseas, their employability and income level will also be thereby enhanced.

Why are the policy planners not even thinking in this direction? The mind boggles at the lack of any vision, and concern for the citizenry of those who hold the positions that can make a difference!!!

Public Private partnerships can also be used, to directly place people into Companies that are desperate for skilled people, and shortly with need for 150,000 staff in the Hospitality Trade, I am sure in certain fields, many Employers maybe prepared to subsidize or assist in some of the programs, so long as the staff agree to work for them on graduation. 

WHY is no one thinking on these lines? DO we have greedy zombies who don’t care for the people in power?  

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