Friday, March 11, 2016

A fair approach to arresting all Elephant Snatchers needed!

It does appear to me that during the past Regime’s 10 years of Rule, people thought that owning an elephant was a status symbol higher than that of having a Range Rover or S class Benz! In that respect with people like Sajin Vaas being a Presidential favorite was able to dispense favors, ostensibly with Presidential Authority, and people like the misnamed Ali Roshan (more like hora Roshan) was able to go into National Parks and capture innocent babies, sometimes even killing their mothers in the process, under the noses of the National Park Wardens, who were unable to resist this daylight robbery.

So this pastime resulted in well known Priests acquiring babies under false papers, whether they knew they were false or not, they are now hiding under the I did not know they were stolen moniker and this whole putrid tale went on.

With the advent of the new Government, and with laws still in the stature books that strictly forbid the capture and taming of Wild Elephants under flora and fauna ordinances, teams of investigators have spent months firstly going through the forged books of Elephants in captivity, and have begun scouting the Island in search of Elephants, checking if the ownership is legitimate, and then if not, getting an arrest warrant issued via a magistrate capture and take the Elephant and prosecute or arrest the purported owner.

Due to the massive scale of this theft, and possibly 75 young elephants involved in this, we are talking of taking 75 rich people into custody! It is not a joke. Some of these people are powerful of the land. It was alleged that Gota had a couple with him, and now their whereabouts is questionable, but he is still free from prosecution.

What I am saying is that the law must be applied fairly and equally to all no matter who you are, and by just making an example of the Ven. Dhammaloka, you get a famous name, but where are the other 50 big whigs. If I was the Ven. Thero I would be pissed that I have been singled out and I could take out a FR case of unfair treatment on the grounds that I was specifically picked out, when there were more influential people who could be arrested.

As a mere amateur observer of the proceedings, I just don’t see that there has been fair treatment on this issue, free of bias, and so wish that the authorities concerned take this allegation to hand and do that which is necessary to bring everyone involved in this scam to book.

I have no doubt that some may claim that they are treating the elephant with the best care any elephant could receive in their lives, but that is beside the point

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