Thursday, March 10, 2016

The Present Government’s incompetence in Communication to the masses, is giving Rajapakse looting a good name!

It was always clear that the Rajapakse administration was living beyond its means, spending money they did not have, and borrowing from whoever and in whatever form they could get. The reality also was that the many of the infrastructure projects have not given a return remotely in line with the cost of that borrowing, which in turn means the People of Sri Lanka, have to bail out the Govt. and so suffer a lower quality of life.

To add to the woes, the slowness of the Treasury in identifying this debt, has resulted in daily upward revision of our National Debt, which the PM said is now at 10 trillion. By using a Govt. bank to borrow from overseas hid the real indebtedness, which is now coming to light, but should have been investigated in depth much earlier.

Added to this, some of the projects such as Norochcholai, are very poor investments, yielding a low return, instead of a better technology costing less, and more reliable could have been in operation by now. To this too there is NO Other but the Rajapakse administration, who MUST be held to account.

Then the hidden loot in banks all over the world by all the participants in this loot, will take years to recover, as Banks do not willingly divulge balances of their customers wherever they may be hidden, as they are benefiting enormously with the money in their accounts, helping them to fatten their profits, from stolen loot!

The prime ministers explanations in the link above has NOT been reported in a simple manner for people to understand, a duty of the media that has not been discharged, with the Fourth Estate being culpable in the same crime.

The process of proof through international Court, and assistance from other Jusrisdictions is fraught with problems, and the incompetence of our public servants in chasing after this will mean that many will get away with this.

All of the above, which could easily have been explained within weeks of the Sirisena Adminstration coming into power, HAS NOT YET BEEN CLEARLY explained. So the public have become skeptical due to the doubt created by the remainders of the Rajapakse Adminstration who seem to be gaining the upper hand in the Media wars, due to the Media personnel still being under the trap and spell of their former masters, not helped by the fact that the Govt. has not taken the trouble to clearly lay out the fact to them, and read out the riot act to their complicity in this fraud! Further NO new objective media reporting has emerged out of the ashes of the past and the birth of Good Governance.

This lack of a cohesive Information Exchange must be blamed on the Govt. and a taskforce formed to present the facts simply, is long overdue.   

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