Friday, March 18, 2016

The contrasting rallies – if roles were reversed how would it have been?

Our education system is so weak, that it does not teach people to think of what if scenarios, and in that context I am giving you an example of what I mean by that.

All talk was about the rallies firstly by the UNP (not the coalition) on Tuesday, 15th March, ending up in Lipton Circus, and that of the Mahinda faction of anti-govt. REBELS held at Hyde Park on the 17th of March.

People only read and think of what was reported by the mentally retarded media, who are more parrots than humans, reflective again of lack of learning!

So we saw, the PM just came in as a bystander to watch the proceedings, and not rise up to the podium to make any derogatory or inflammable comments on his detractors, smiling instead by watching the proceedings. By contrast MR got up to the podium for the long awaited roar from the crowd, and proceeded to ask the Govt. to hand over he power to him, if they cannot govern!

So think about this proposition. Were MR in power, would he have in a similar situation, where there was imminent international action for war crimes, merely be a spectator? NO he would have got up to the podium and blasted everyone in opposition, as a Western Spy, intent on destroying the motherland for the Sinhala people!

The other side, namely Ranil W would have got on the podium and said that MR was merely putting the Country in harm’s way by the international community threatening sanctions against the Country, because he could not admit to his personal failures, and is putting the whole Country at risk, and the people fed on a diet of treachery will unlikely believe the RW theory, even if true! 

This time the journalists reported the nuisance to the traffic of the UNP rally, and comments from motorists fed up with these demonstrations making commuter and transport in Colombo a nightmare, whilst in a reversal, they WOULD NOT DARE report what people think, and NO PERSON who valued his life would complain against the Govt. even if he was angry, for fear. The opposition rally would be facing severe restrictions and difficulty in congregating in a public place, because of all locations being booked in advance by other people for other activity, even if none was taking place on that day!

Do our stupid public realize this simple fact of how much freedom we have gained owing to the January 8th revolution of last year! I rest my case. 

FOR THE RECORD - I personally disapprove of both these rallies, as being counter-productive for both sides, Frankly they are so last century, the people must realize their leaders mindset is also still in an era that has long past.

It is time to think differently with the future in mind!

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