Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Even a Joint Opposition Member makes serious allegations about the CEB Engineers and their GREED!

Mr Tissa Vitharana a respected member of the Joint Opposition has made some extremely serious allegations against the SHENANIGANS of the CEB engineers and their possible COMPLICITY in the POWER CRISES TODAY. The Government MUST investigate and expose these corrupt officers and be prosecuted under the law if these allegations can be proved.

The short article in the link above is well worth reading, to note from a prominent OPPOSITION member, who says, CEB Engineers are selling power plants to the Govt. at a profit, as they are stakeholders of these power plants. They initially sold electricity to the State at exorbitant rates when the State was short of power, and when Norochcholai came on stream, saw their income fall as the power from these private plants were NOT needed and therefore shut down. Effectively their value fell to nothing!

Now with some say, CEB Engineer INDUCED Power Crisis, they see their Investment Worth a fortune, as they will have a chance to sell it to the Govt. which is desperate to get over the temporary power cuts, until the rains return in May! They are therefore opportunists trying to find a way to cash in on this, and if proof or motive for crime is needed this is an obvious one.

CID Investigations, MUST center around the CEB Engineers who own or hold shares in these power plants that the Govt. is considering purchasing. Their income can then be investigated, and their windfall calculated, before including them as prime suspects in the series of blunders that have taken place in the past few weeks to create this power shortage situation, and the unprecedented blackouts.

For an opposition member to make these statements, it is even more concerning than if a Govt. member made the same allegations. This therefore needs really close investigation, as the People of Sri Lanka are yet again held to ransom by the CEB, and NO Media has investigated this sufficiently and in depth to make bring to light this treachery of our own public servants.

I hope the Govt. learns a few lessons from this, one being that no matter how highly paid CEB Engineers are, they are still only out to make a fast buck for themselves BY CREATING MISERY AND PANIC FOR THE GOVT. to force them to make irrational decisions, that are bad for the Country in the long run.

First name and shame these culprits, before the investigation starts! Starting with the Engineers who own shares in the power plants that the Govt. is considering buying for emergency use.

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