Tuesday, March 29, 2016

It is the CEB – Stupid!

It is becoming quite clear that some within the CEB have created, exploited, profited and pimped themselves with this power crisis.

It is very sad to think that CEB Engineers who are the highest paid public servants, even more than the Supreme Court’s Chief Justice, and certainly more than the PM and President should behave in this very shoddy way, to bring their Country into a crisis, and put our economy at risk as many companies have to fulfill export orders, which with BOI Zones also affected by the Power Outages has caused a general lack of confidence in the economy.

If you were a potential foreign investor, and you heard about the recent power cuts, and inability of the Govt. to pinpoint the cause you would be highly suspicious of Investing in Sri Lanka, as NO ONE wants to take the blame nor admit failure, so that corrective action can be taken.

Just read the link below to determine for yourself

I would beg the reader, without believing a word I say, check out all the links above and make their own conclusion on who is wrong in this matter. It is a huge embarrassment to the Govt. that is fighting on all fronts, to sort out messes created NOT by them, but by the previous administration. However Mahinda Rajapakse quite cleverly has been able to deflect the blame back to the Govt. as they appear still to be behaving like bungling idiots in this area.

No wonder then that the public sincerely believe this is the fault of the Govt. and not due to the faulty premise on which Norochcholai was sold to the people, and a whole host of bungling failures on the part of the MR administration, that only emerged during a particularly sticky and crisis situation, caused by people using excessive power in this heatwave that put further pressure on dwinding supplies!

We need the Minister of Power to give a clear message in simple words to allay our fears.

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