Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Hello! The Principals of Royal, Ladies and Bishops must be sent to Montessori!

It is the height of disgust, to waste Police time, when on moment, you complain that students of some school have raided the premises of your girl’s school, and are a serious threat to the safety and security of your so perfectly virginal charges, and on the next breadth when these sons of wealthy families, some with sisters at the very schools they are raiding, are taken into custody, you change the story saying, “oh no we invited them in lift our students frocks!”

Get a life! Don’t you know how much a mockery you make of yourselves, and then ask the Law, to relieve you of your own shit! That just is NOT cricket! GET IT!

Frankly, this puerile behavior of the Principles give a bad name to education, and the prestige of the schools they are now pretending to uphold. It is most important that standards are maintained and consistency is the order of the day, especially when it comes to showing examples to students.

Inconsistency creates confusion, and then questions arise as to what is right and wrong. So when a student leaves school not knowing the rights and wrongs, and acceptable norms, society as a whole has to deal with the resultant fallout.

Why am I preaching to these babies who seem to run around in the guise of the Principles of these well respected schools? When they should know better! Simply because they don’t know any better.

We must remember another matter of importance. This big match fever was fine in the days that the whole Country only had 50,000 vehicles. Now we have 5 million, 100 times that, so we must also change with the times, AND NOT CLOG THE STREETS WITH VEHICLE PARADES. It may be tradition, but is it so last century, as it is simply inconsistent with a traffic clogged up Colombo, which is further clogged up with schools concentrated in Colombo, where 90% of the students come from elsewhere to school there, further clogging the roads on a daily basis.

Remember we are the only CAPTIAL CITY which buses in 250,000 students each day to a bunch of schools, due to their prestige, who despite that send all their A level students to Tuition classes! Just go to any of these schools and you will NOT find any students in the A level classes, as they are all at Tuition even during the day, and there are accordingly no teachers to teach the rest, so even they stay away and study at home. 

What is the joke of having them (the schools) in Colombo?

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