Wednesday, June 1, 2016

The FLOODS revealed how BROKEN the system is!

This recent floods were really a minor affair. The state apparatus, (we have 1,600,000 government servants) which is the largest state apparatus, per capita in the world was completely paralyzed, as there was NO proper cohesive action, that goes into full gear when a disaster occurs.

It was therefore left to private agencies, well wishers, Politicians and Media, to do their own thing, in a discombobulated manner, and fill the FB, TV and newspapers with their noble deeds MULTIPLIED by a factor of ten. For example taking words from a local person who observed this with her own eyes, the Sahana Yathras that came with stuff to be given to the needy, came to a location at the edge of where the homes were flooded, and when they opened the doors to the trucks, there were a line of people gathered who were all given bags of whatever. I was told in Sinhala “serama Godabima ayata hama dema labuna” which is that ALL the people who were not affected, were able to come instantly and take! (affected people had taken shelter, or were otherwise trying to protect their property, and therefore were NOT quick off the mark, when the BUSH telegraph went into action)

While it is unconscionable that people take what is meant for others, that is just the way it is and the onus should be for a system in place to fairly distribute supplies to the NEEDY, managed by the Govt.

I was informed that the main Govt. agent in the local area, the Grama Niladari (GN) does not always act impartially as he must. Many being political appointees are partial, favoring ones and not others and so DO NOT act impartially. Of course many are conscientious workers and it is the bad APPLES I refer to here. They were asked to make a report of the affected.

The above reasons have resulted in a haphazard delivery of needed goods, with many getting 6 months of food whilst others have not received any. Further as a nation we give in emergency situations. Being over generous in some cases can have its detrimental effects, as people are inundated with things they don’t want, and don’t get what they want, the classic disaster being compounded.

Here, NO ONE has given the basics to sleep on, like the mat and pillow and perhaps the Mosquito net to people who have LOST EVERYTHING. So it is not the stomach they are more concerned about, but to be able to get a good night’s sleep at a time when it rains at night and one has to sleep indoors, without any means to lie down, with mattress and bedding being rendered useless. Lets plan now for the next flood from these lessons.  

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