Monday, June 13, 2016

The Orlando Massacre – Access to Arms – Massacring the Minds

If there is a moral to this tale, what would that be?

It is clear that we must begin from some basic and fundamental right, and that it is everyone’s right to behave as they want, and do what they want as long as they do not harm others in the process. ANY religion that condones killing in the name of the religion is one that does not have a place anywhere on this earth.

The easiest method, especially in influencing YOUNG minds is religion, as it gives people a moral basis for their actions, and what they believe is right can then cause this sort of WRONG! NO EXCUSES there.

Whilst in the interests of religious tolerance, President Obama was right to say this is NOT fundamental Islam at work, as there are Fundamental Christians, Buddhist, Jews and Hindus, too who have the same view to life and murder in the name of religion and we should NOT pick one for the sake of finger pointing.

How do we tackle these fundamentalist ideal? They are making many people frightened to speak out against it, as it either opens them to attack, even physical, so people rather NOT speak out against such acts. Speaking out also appears to label moderates as traitors to their religion, and so especially in Islam where dissent is seen as an attack on the religion, people tend to shy away from speaking out against such terrorism.

Take Wahabism in Sri Lanka. Various NGOs primarily funded by private or Govt. Saudi sources, have over the past 40 years, through preachers assisted poor Muslim Communities and in the process, ingrained their beliefs on the faithful, which have turned many Muslims from liberal to conservative, most notable seem by the rest of the Community by their dress, with many more men wearing ARAB dress, and women being covered from head to toe, in Black and some completely covering their faces. Even when young Muslims are asked, they say that it is the true following of their religion, and others are NOT proper Muslims, an attitude, that NOT dissimilar to the lack of tolerance of ISIL and AL Qaeda and Taliban.

WE MUST attack this notion that any religion not theirs is wrong, or different practitioners of the religion are NOT CO-RELIGIONISTS. THAT IS PLAIN WRONG, and anyone teaching that doctrine HAS NO PLACE IN OUR SOCIETY. Religious tolerance is permitting anyone to holds any belief they wish to hold, to do so, as long as it does not harm others. THOSE WHO BELIEVE THEY ARE THE TRUE MUSLIMS AND ANOTHER SECT ARE NOT do not have a right to hold such views. This attitude merely breeds insularity, finger pointing, and lack of tolerance of others.

IT IS TIME that the new Constitution, guarantees that freedom, so that fundamentalist, Buddhists, Christians, Hindus, Jews or Muslims or for that matter of any other belief have NO RIGHT TO claim superiority over others in the name of their belief.


From this analysis it is clear that the influence of Imams is a HUGE factor in the growth of Fundamentalism within Islam, throughout the world, and when violence in the name of religion is included, liberal societies that DO NOT subscribe to that ethic are open to paying the price! The fundamentalists of other religions DO NOT advocate this kind of violence, or even HOLY WAR, and so are less of a threat to OTHERS.

HOW DO YOU PROTECT YOUTH from Fundamentalist Teachings? They are the most easily influenced in such matters, as they do NOT weigh the pros and cons of life, with little experience in the work environment with people having different views to them on many matters. IT IS MY WAY OR NO WAY.

This shooter was briefly married and had abused his wife, because she did not do the housework in the way he wanted. So it is clear that he wanted everything HIS WAY, and goes to the heart of this psychological make-up!~

This individual in Orlando, was a walking time bomb that sadly went off with devastating consequences on Saturday night/ Sunday morning, 11th and 12th June 2016 in Orlando, Florida, amongst youth who were enjoying themselves at a disco. As the place is open to all, there were not just LGBT at the event, but straight people too.


First Step, NO MATTER what the NRA says, NO ONE IN THE USA should have access to assault weapons. In the wrong hands, and there is NO way to prevent them getting into the wrong hands, they are deadly. The assault weapon is what caused so much damage yesterday. This is a no brainer, and if the USA has lawmakers who think otherwise, may GOD HELP THE INNOCENT LAW ABIDING AMERICAN.

It is an attack on this innocent, that these NRA influenced lawmakers are trying to protect the right to bear arms, the second amendment to the US constitution. They all need their heads examined, as you cannot enforce that in 2016, when you can have a nuclear weapon in the form of an assault rifle! PERIOD.

Back yonder if the lawmakers knew what we know today, namely the sophistication, and deadly nature of weapons they would have peed in their pants rather than permit such legislation that has killed over 500,000 Americans who could have been saved over the years if this right was NOT enshrined in the Constitution.

IT IS TIME that for the sake of the future of the USA in this era of NUTCASES in the name of RELIGION, we BAN all weapons from personal possession, other than a permitted selection for hunting and self defense and DO IT IMMEDIATELY, meaning today, before it becomes a divisive election ISSUE.  


  1. Twenty Four Shots in NINE seconds. We must never permit anyone to hold such a weapon in their hands EVER!

    The Americans are asking for more deaths if they do not STOP this right NOW. Can you live another day, that 1,000 die a week because you did NOT legislate for STRICT GUN CONTROL? NO

  2. There are NO Islamic leaders as such, as there is NO formal leadership of any of the sects, except by tradition. In fact most of the violence in the Middle East is of followers of Islam killing each other, and so the NON-Islamic world is just watching until they kill each other so there are NONE remaining.

    That is NOT the way it should be, as humans are killing other humans in the name of the same religion, but of a different sect, and NO ONE is doing anything to stop this slaughter. The west is quite content to supply the arms to the people who want to kill each other!

    Further the West is using their superior fire power to rain bombs from drones and planes to kill more Muslims, and there is NO muslim unity to stop this massacre. Its all the responsibility of the leaders of ALL MUSLIM countries to control their Imams, and they fear to do so. In the end it is the leaders who will have to pay the price for their inaction.


    If they don't it will be the downfall of Islam. 99% of Moderate Muslims who condemn this violence, it is your time to assert your power over the 1% who are steam rolling over you due to your fear of being attacked. You are cowards. Save Islam by standing up to the IMAMS of intolerance.

  4. Moderate Muslims in Sri Lanka, especially Sufis, who the mainstream Muslims despise, have seen how the Whabi funded madrassas in poor Muslim communities have warped the minds of young Muslims from integrating themselves into the mainstream of Sri Lankan society, only to self alienate themselves from the benefits arising from being part of the herd.

    We dont see Muslim girls with colorful salwars anymore, those are worn by Sinhala girls and the Muslim ones are wearing all black, and keep to themselves.

    This becomes a self fullfilling prohecy, when mixed in with a few radical clerics, gives rise to a incendiary cocktail if a small incident blows out of control. Then it can unleash a backlash far worse than the original injustice, leading to a riot. This is possible unless all Muslims work with other communities to solve common problems and not ONLY try to solve their own.