Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Looks like Ranil has fed Mahendran to the wolves! Let’s hope not

News just came that the President will appoint a Governor of the CB in a few hours.  Does this mean that Mahendran has been absolved by COPE today, so he will reappoint him, or is it that the pressure has finally got to him, and he is going to appoint another in his place? I am not privy to the answer, but if he is going to appoint a new person, then the PM has lost the plot and has been forced to sacrifice Mahendran for his political survival.

I don’t know how Mahendran will take this, as he genuinely took the job in the firm belief that his expertise was required to turn the ship around, and solve the Monetary Problems of Sri Lanka using his negotiating skills and international contacts to get low cost borrowings to replace the Rajapakse ERA borrowings that were coming due, and to stave off a financial crisis.

Whilst it is possible that the PM pressured him to make some bold moves at the outset to make some irrational decisions to provide some windfall profits to pay off the billions of debts the New Govt. had racked up in election costs, and left Mahendran in NO POSITION to refuse, he has in all respects NOT personally benefited from his position or decisions, contrary to all the ill advised stories to the contrary by people who have an agenda, or have no clue on how international high finance is conducted!

What can Mahendran do if he has already explained all his action to the press and his detractors choose NOT to believe him? If the President appoints someone else it will also seem that he has done something wrong, and I hope at least the President has the decency to announce that it is NOT due to any unproved allegation that he has chosen to appoint someone else, but that he was not willing to delay this vacancy any longer.

The PM for his part will have let down the only person with a decent qualification for the job he was appointed for as all other appointments by the YAHAPALANAYA government have been to people who are NOT really qualified for the job they have been appointed for!

Remember it is wishful thinking from this point, that ANY SRI LANKAN will ever want to return to Sri Lanka in future to help their Country with their expertise, as they will be hounded out of life and limb by the 8th grade jokers who run and rule Sri Lanka, who cannot stomach able people in their midst!

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