Monday, June 13, 2016


While it is the internet and FB that must have helped, as enablers to these nutters to kill in the name of ISIL or for that matter even in the name of the unborn child; The debate rages on how we use METADATA to home in on the 10,000 of the world’s criminal minds in FB out of 1.5B FB users.

Think tanks especially in the USA in the CIA and FBI are working hard at trying to come up with the formula most predictable in being able to select the people most likely to commit a crime! Israel has the same process, in using the database of ALL Palestinians, to home in on those most likely to be say suicide bombers! Each time they think they have found the answer, there is an exception to the rule that had evaded them and they go back to the drawing boards to see where they have missed the tell tale signs. They are the pioneers in the use of this technique.

It is clear from the evidence in so far, that this shooter in Orlando was also picked and punched out for no evidence, not once, but three times, and it also appears that his job as a security guard for defense establishments, meant that he had obtained the necessary clearances to be able to be approved for that task too.

So there is a long way to go in rustling up the potential ticking time bombs. In fact just yesterday, Bangladesh arrested 5,000 people as most likely to be held for the crime spree of killing people with non Islam religious beliefs. Even they are desperately in need of the same information that the US is in need of and ironically they too are Islamist extremists who do not tolerate any other belief than theirs!

This worrying international problem in a non- Muslim and a overwhelmingly Muslim Country, means it is a widespread / international issue, that cooperation of all international Agencies, and the UN is needed to combat by sharing information across borders. Other than bilateral, it is not gone multilateral as yet.

FB being an international mode of social media, ironically is the common denominator be it in Bangladesh one day or Orlando the next, as this common platform of shared knowledge, influencing people outside one’s own borders, has made this 21st Century tool a potential virus spreader worse than AIDS in its instant ability to permeate borders, and result in mass destruction.

The 64,000 dollar question now becomes, how do we identify these rogue elephants in the world population, without them knowing and how do we keep tabs on them, and how do we apprehend them before they commit a crime anywhere? 

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