Wednesday, June 15, 2016

IMAGES and stories of lives cut short for no fault of their own!

When tragedies strike in a large scale, emotions run high, especially as people follow news reports and react to them, and we now look at their backgrounds as normal people doing a job, making a living, bringing up a family, and living with friends, all struck down at a moment of unforeseen cruelty by a man wielding an assault rifle, with a mental problem, namely hate filled, and the need to kill to get his kicks.

It is all very well wondering why this happened and placing blame, but in this extraordinary world we live in, certain freedoms are misused that affect humanity adversely and we don’t know who these individuals are especially when they are under the radar, and suddenly emerge to cause mayhem. It is now becoming clear that this person was mentally unstable, as he just tagged on as following, diametrically opposed factions in the Middle East, when if rational one simply could not.

Added to this cocktail is religious fervor, irrational feelings against all sorts of people, in this case against the LGBT community, all coming together for ONE lone MAD MAN to cause this crisis, and for many others like ISIL to wallow in this tragedy, by taking credit.

The victims’ families simply have to grieve silently, about this senseless violence, in a supposedly entertainment event where friends get together to have fun, enjoy some music and informal laughter. A lot of what ifs and permanent injury remain.

THE USA sees these tragedies almost too frequently, possibly due to the ease with which mentally unstable people are able to obtain deadly assault rifles, which do not go well in a civilian environment, and the tragedy there is the power of the NRA has held a country to ransom, and lives at risk, which potential victims are unable to change.

If we can do anything on behalf of the victims it is simply doing what we can to prevent any recurrence of this senseless violence, and to that end it is ONLY the access to firearms that we can limit as a FIRST RESORT, and secondly put our energies at identifying people who could snap in a moment, and cause harm to innocents, that is something we have in every Country, and we have never been able to fully solve. Their potential for mass murder can only be reduced by laws of a Country preventing the likelihood of anyone being able to access a personal arsenal of deadly weapons, or have access to BOMB making raw materials. 

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