Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Hate Crime, terrorist incident, act of a sick person or Radical Islam! What does it matter? They will continue UNLESS~

To put this into a box, like the American Culture of checking boxes for everything imaginable, and which makes it easy to machine read for computer analysis, does not change the fact that a man, could enter a nightclub, heavily armed, unchallenged, and massacre 50 people dead and maim 53 others.

There are only two ways you stop the act in its commission. One is by having body searches at the entrance, something Americans just don’t want and the second, is prevent ANYONE getting access to assault weapons that can kill and maim so easily and so forcefully, with so much firepower.

Technically tomorrow there could be a copycat killer doing the same thing, and no one will be the wiser. THE ONLY WAY THIS CAN BE STOPPED is by banning assault weapons. PERIOD

Why are US legislators reluctant to do this? This is a significant point of difference between the Republicans and Democrats, with the NRA supporting Republicans and their penchant for preventing GUN CONTROL and the Democratic, desire for it, as evidenced by Obama’s tried and failed attempt at tightening the Gun Laws.

Donald Trump was quick to blame Radical Islam, which only creates a divisive break with Muslim Americans, who are against any sort of violence, who may then be tempted to become extremist in the light of intolerance. Trump and the GUN LOBBY are creating terrorists, to support the existing radical ideology, instead of preventing this ideology from spreading.

Why do people following their own agendas, NOT do what is the most practical in stopping the spread of violence amongst HUMANS? If the means to violence, like guns are hard to come by, the nuts will NOT get access to these weapons. In the interests of the public, it is important that we understand that today’s society creates unstable nuts, who cannot be controlled let alone identified, and in the interests of the second amendment to the Constitution, we cannot permit them from getting access to them. The only way is a blanket stop!

JUST THINK ABOUT IT. We are going to continue to have all sorts in our presence, we cannot social engineer the perfect race as we like it. So we have only one option, namely to prevent these possible violators, from gaining access, no matter what ideology they may have or just mental retards, sans competency!  

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