Saturday, June 11, 2016

THE DON-HIL or TRUMPCLINTON Battle of Waterloo will be NASTY

Two opposite ends of the spectrum vying for POTUS (president of the united states of America) is going to turn history on its head, and the voter having to choose between the devil and the deep blue sea!

I don’t think the US voter has ever had two people who are more disliked by the other side than in this election. So whoever wins, will mean that the level of dissatisfaction of the result on the losing side, will be so high, as to affect the quality of life index for them significantly.

Imagine having to see the face or know that the most unsuitable and unimaginable person, is your leader? It is worse than being caught between a rock and a hard place. We have exactly 5 months before election day, and the war of words and personal battles will overshadow, the importance of knowing what policies each of the candidates promise on being elected.

The Donald is going to show Hilary as a Special Interest Group bought and paid for candidate, when in fact the DONALD is the special interest group himself. Hilary on the other hand will try to show the Donald as vacillating and unstable on every policy issue, making them as he goes, and surprisingly she does NOT have a firm stance ON ANY THING, and will either do what the special interests want her to do and say for the money they pay in, or will do the exact opposite of what she says she will do if she gets elected. Ironic isn’t it. I know it is called politics, making promises to your electorate to get you elected and then doing whatever you want afterwards having conveniently forgotten your words on the campaign trail.

In my opinion the consummate insider and the opportunistic outsider don’t have what it takes to lead the most powerful country on the earth, and the rest of the Countries WILL HAVE TO LIVE IN FEAR OF BOTH, so whoever wins is going to cause a rumble in the jungle out side of the US shores.

Nothing will happen to the US during either presidency, as it is a powerful self contained country NOT reliant on ANYTHING from the rest of the world, and has a labor force to produce anything it wants to boot, along with the technology for everything imaginable. NO, APPLE IS NOT GOING TO BRING ITS I phone MANUFACTURING BACK HOME, and no matter what Donald says he will do, it is just electioneering jingoistic hoopla! Barely recognizable change.

Whoever wins the US will be strong and get stronger, as they are immune from many of the problems of the rest of the world. It is the rest who will live in fear~! 

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