Thursday, June 9, 2016


Salawa in the past was a huge Coconut Rubber and Tea Estate next to the properties of the Boralugoda Ralahamy, or Philip Gunewardena’s Family.

I suggest a sale and leaseback scheme as follows. The property is over 600 acres and includes the firing range etc. This is very valuable property, and with a state strapped for cash they can follow this model I propose.

Sell the Freehold to Sri Lanka Insurance for Rs10B, and then lease it back at Rs 500M a year to a foreign investor on a 50 year lease, for Agriculture, with emphasis on Dairy. There are enough potential investors as the Megapolis is going to severely short of dairy products.

Already there is a severe shortage of Butter and Cheese, as well as the staple milk. A 200g Butter pack is astronomical at Rs360 at the cheap end and going up to Rs700 for a Danish Lurpak. This business can only be successful if done on a large scale, as the value addition to the local market and to stop import of dairy, this is an ideal proposition. The place can employ over 2,000 local people, with an emphasis on animal husbandry using latest technology.

Foreign investors are shying away, due to the lack of sufficient land to make it work. Now there is the ideal property. This money released can fund the repair and rehabilitation of the homes that have been destroyed and the GOVT will not have to get further into debt.

It is a win win proposition, and the ONLY solution to the needs of both the Magapolis and remember the time taken once the High Level Road is further developed to the Highway will make it accessible from most parts of the Country if necessary.

THIS IS A NO BRAINER as the DAIRY SHORTAGE IS IMMEDIATE and if not satisfied, we will have to pay Rs700 for local butter due to the dire shortage, and supply and demand factors in the market place.

DO NOT put blinkers on that it MUST be an ARMY CAMP, it just does not need to be at all. The supply of milk can come from up country and so there is a huge potential for meeting the market needs.

Unfortunately we don’t have any leader in Sri Lanka with the Courage of their convictions to even make a suggestion and bring about a discussion, that culminates in this outcome. Don’t say I did not suggest this practical solution. We have a need, and we have means of fulfilling this need, JUST DO IT!

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