Friday, June 10, 2016


It is only now becoming clear how dangerous the stockpile of weapons was at Salawa, and I don’t even think our senior officers realize HOW LETHAL they were. Mercifully due to the low casualties, there has not been an outcry for the top brass to resign en masse, but that is more to do with the fear of people demanding this of soldiers to their service in defending the state against its aggressor in the Civil War, than in objectively making a rational argument for their resignation.

There is a group who claim it is “sobadharmaya showing the Sinhala people what it was like for Tamil civilians to live under this battery for months when here they just faced it for one day, and even then they were actually evacuated, and only saw on return.”

Imagine if without a gun this rockets caused so much damage 4 KM away, with launchers what it might have been. UNTHIKABLE

It is a wake up call for UNITY, as we can now really know what it must have like to face the full force of the Sri Lanka Security Forces at the last stages of war, as it was a fight to the end with this type of mortars and artillery! We must never let our own citizens suffer this kind of fate from within by our own people, which is what a civil war is all about.

Of course questions are now asked as to why for so long these weapons were NOT stored under any acceptable conditions, as clearly in hindsight they were not. The responsibility MUST come from the top, and Ghotabhaya Rajapakse must answer why such weapons were stored there? Perhaps, Sarath Fonseka too if he had any input at that time into this particular aspect.

Under normal circumstances this kind of weaponry would NEVER be held there. So why were they, and why was no decision made earlier to remove them to a safer place? Were they to be sold to overseas customers, and if so to whom and for how much? Why did they not go earlier?

Was it because someone did not get the right commission? Was it that the original cost will come to light, and some top dog did not what to wash his dirty linen in public, showing that the Army paid too much in the first place, when it was only worth a fraction. 

This is mere speculation, and until a proper investigation takes place on these facts we will be kept in the dark. However it is unlikely that the Army will disclose the wrongdoing, except that I hope at least the Govt. through the MOD will get the accurate information, with which to know what really happened and hopefully bring the culprits to book. As a civilian I don’t want to know the details as long as the proper action is taken against wrongdoers.

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