Monday, June 6, 2016

SALAWA CAMP EXPLOSION – Monday morning quarterback talking!

I took this phrase below from FB to express the exasperation of the people at events such as this, as it is easy to criticize matters in hindsight, and accidents do happen all the time! My point here is NOT the accident per se, but DO WE EVER LEARN FROM OUR MISTAKES? And I do believe we don’t, and continue to make the same mistakes time and again, and I ask WHY?

Can any one tell me why nature is hurting mother Lanka consistently with so much venom??!!! After30 years of bloody terrorists now Landslides and floods kill many and leave many homeless costing over 600 billion. Now the a fire destroying the main ammunition dump killing a soldier up to now and evacuations close to a million which will cost the treasury many billions again. Please don't say " don't cry for me Sri Lanka" since we are crying for you Sri Lanka!!!”

So now what? Do we have to replace the ammo lost? Why? These are questions we must ask. Otherwise knowing the mentality of the Army they will just requisition the same old list that went up in smoke, and some old joker down the purchasing will get a commission, and depending on who authorizes it, money will be shared all along the way! So for the Country’s sake please don’t re-order just to line the pockets, as it is the Country’s hard taxed resources again being embezzled.

Send a junior promising officer on a junket, to save money. His brief instead of the lost AMMO, what is the latest technology in fighting? Are they drones, laser guided bombs and determine the most effective way to spend say Rs 1B only, in getting the BEST BANG FOR YOUR BUCK, with something that is MORE useful than what old shit you lost.

Think positively in this situation. Unfortunately the soldier is not taught to think, ONLY obey orders, so they cannot make the right decision. Its OK guys its not your fault, that is the way they want you to be educated, to say yes sir, very good sir, even when the situation is appallingly bad!

In my opinion think positively, that is believe that the INVISIBLE powers determined that the stuff in the armory had to go, as it was not serving any useful purpose. So don’t replace it, get what is really needed after careful evaluation. The firing range there of 600 acres is NOT necessary in the Western Province. 

Close it down, and release it to a 600 Acre Dairy Farm, where we can have a model farm producing 200,000 litres of milk a day, close to Colombo,  as Sri Lanka badly needs more fresh milk, which our children can drink, so that the soldiers that grow out of it are strong, both in sinew and in mind to fight the wars of the 22nd century. Trust me, that is the best way to turn this fiasco into a MILCO – I hope someone with at least a quarter of a brain will read this!  

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