Saturday, June 4, 2016

CB Governor Mahendran the fall guy of the opposition yet again! and smugly of the Govt's misdeeds too.

In response to the Colombo Telegraph article by their own staff, who must have a personal agenda, which they should desist from! I am sure their readers however are a class above.

This is sensationalism at its worst. I am sure Colombo Telegraph readers can put it all in context, and not fall for the typical media hype of lies that kept the MR regime afloat for so long, due to the ignorance of the masses.

This is less than US$100,000. Please compare that to multiplying this figure by 100,000 for minimum estimate of money taken out of the Country during the MR tenure, (over US$10B) Also Rs14.5M pales in comparison to the value of the car permit that Wimal would have just got, namely Rs40M, which in my opinion is WRONG, as I do not believe SL MPs should drive around in vehicles that lawmakers in the wealthiest countries in the world DO NOT go around in.

This is the CB Governor of Sri Lanka, who has contacts with all top bankers in the world from his last job in S’pore where income was over US$5M. He is trying to renegotiate loans to the tune  of US$Billions, and if you do not entertain world’s top bankers at top restaurants and stay at same hotels they do, how are you going to bat for SL? Of course Weerawansa only bats for himself and his wife, and is trying to get cheap political mileage. The Governor may have spent more on his personal account too, which has NOT gone through his CB Credit Card. Also, first find out how much of his CB bills he has personally repaid back, before making these silly and puerile allegations, because the staffer who leaked this information does not even understand how much it takes to persuade international bankers to lend to bankrupt Sri Lanka.

If he is on the lookout for the staffer who leaked it, it is because the people are not able to digest the reality from the fluff! And he knows it all too readily!

Just think about it. If we did not have the MR debt burden cursing us Sri Lankans, we would not have had to call on Mahendran to leave his top paying job and take a job that is OPEN TO SCRUTINY here. Even humbug Wijewardene, who harps on the CB being broke could have done the job!

I hope the reader can now distinguish between the men and the boys, and know what high stakes business is all about in the real world. Unfortunately we just don’t hear of the great rip off of our local politicians with their hand on the till daily, raking more than this just on one deal all the time!
It is easier to bash Mahendran, as he is the football for everyone. Ironically, He is possibly the least corrupt and the most qualified person in any job of the new Govt. and the real rogues are laughing at this exposure, as they like Weerawansa are the true traitors milking more out of the system, and know how to hide it.

Remember Mahendran charged it to the CB Card. He did not carry illicit cash like all the other politicians so you cannot even trace their brothel bills! He really has nothing to hide. Many in SL can’t spot the real rogue in their midst.

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