Thursday, June 30, 2016

The Country moves from the sublime to the ridiculous! – Governor of the CBSL

It is clear that our leaders don’t have a clue how to TWEET! They are tweeting like parrots, and I think they maybe only parrots, and pea brained at that. What jokers have we elected to run this Country? It is absolutely shameful.

How can the President make a silly statement that alerted the WHOLE COUNTRY to a major announcement on Wednesday afternoon, and then result in HOT AIR FROM THE BACKSIDE, as the answer to the Presidential Tweet. I think it is now the public right, to treat anything the President says in just the same way.

Do you think he is serious when he goes around the Country saying that by 2020 we will have a alcohol, tobacco and drug free state in Sri Lanka. Why doesn’t he start with drug free! He will be hailed as a GOD if he AT LEAST gets rid of this easiest of the three, and the most disruptive and destructive.

Our leaders have created a HUGE CREDIBILITY problem, with their asinine statements, no different from the leaders of the past government, which actually goes to certify that ALL OUR POLITICIANS are certified imbeciles.

Oh how must we the public suffer from such insufferable arrogant dimwits?

The media has failed in reporting the facts, and only indulged in reporting the falsities that others have pouted, confusing the public no end. Then the leaders add fuel to these lies, by creating futile expectations, that lead the public another dance, then we have bureaucrats, who add further flammable material by taking sides, which they MUST not, and instead stick to the facts, and leave the opinion to the readers, and political commentators.

We the public MUST use social media to express our disgust at ALL THESE abovementioned cretins, and create an backlash and outcry to shame them first, and demand their ouster or at the very least apologies for their mistakes. What makes these servants of the people who don’t now sign their letters of to the people, as yours obedient servant as it was always in the past by civilized leaders, now they demand that you submit to their whims and fancies, and refuse to bow to us the public, and instead expect total servility from us, boldly displayed in the media, of bowing down in front of those who should actually bowing down to us. Maybe at least the Japanese practice of both parties bowing would suffice!

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