Wednesday, June 29, 2016

I think everyone has lost the plot – UNHRC won’t go away!

It just seems to me that the Superpowers can do almost anything and the UN don’t even utter a word of rebuke, whilst for Countries like SL, which have technically violated some rules that we are signatories to, are hounded like pickpockets with NO respite.

While I have been ready to accept UN resolutions, and fair disclosure, what is the real problem now? Is it the lack of accountability for excesses of the Govt. forces, and their conduct during the war?

If so what is the position of the UN with regard, to the merciless bombing of anti Govt. forces in Syria, which is being aided and abetted directly by Russian aircraft, which are dropping cluster bombs on heavily populated areas, killing innocent people in the process, and are far worse than any SL Military action during the whole of the LTTE war.

This hounding that Sri Lanka is getting now seems to me to be some kind of maniacal action by a small section of people with an agenda to crucify Sri Lanka as a Country for beating the LTTE and not for the real action caused by them in this period.

It is possible that the lobby of the Overseas Tamils, who have NO say in the SL politics of today, or for that matter of any of the economic activity within Sri Lanka get a vicarious thrill (imbecilic or mad I don’t know) from this constant hounding.

I don’t know where this article got the 65,000 missing persons came from, as now it is clear that the total number of documented missing during the whole war don’t amount to more than 10,000, which we need to clarify and obtain some closure. Of the rest they are NOT dead, or are living happily in one of the many Countries they have gone to, and have NOT been taken out of the list, for obvious reasons, of political expediency.

I hope the Human Rights Commissioner can see the sense of getting to the bottom of the real problem that somehow has been swept over due to the various parties own agendas, clashing with the agenda of the SL Govt. to have this over with. 

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