Thursday, June 2, 2016

The Shangri- La Resort – Not one but two errors of judgment!


So there was a carelessly caused fire at the Opening of this new resort yesterday, in the presence of the President. OK when a firework goes wrong close to the place where it is lit, in 2016, there MUST be people ready with fire retardants, ready to douse it at a moment’s notice, especially when there is ILUK (Saw Grass) on a nearby roof. This is an indication of the lack of foresight of the organizers, and the lack of confidence on the average JOE about the capability of the Hotel in an emergency.

Despite the fire they continued with the Fireworks as if it was a minor inconvenience until it got out of hand. Why weren’t the available fire extinguishers being used by the Hotel staff? This, Simply because they have not even been trained in fire drill. This in a highly tinderbox dry area of the dry zone and is extremely hot.

A thousand guests, mainly BIG WHIGS in the hotel industry, who if they had any brains will NOT recommend anyone to stay there, but as they have been bought by a freebie, will feel obligated to do so!

THE MORE IMPORTANT FAUX PAS is the Golf Course that will be the centerpiece of the RESORT. We all know Golf Courses in the dry zones of any Country are the MOST ecologically harmful act of anyone! They never learn, and they don’t use GREY WATER for the watering of the course. In most countries where this is a sensitive issue, grey water is used. That is used water from the hotel treated in some way and released to water the Course.

Here they are using Groundwater sources, which are needed in thousands of gallons at a time, due to vaporization to the atmosphere, in a hot and arid climate. Just for argument if they use desalinated sea water, the carbon footprint will still be unacceptable.

A NEW RESORT in 2016 MUST be ecologically sensitive which this is NOT. It has failed its first test. This is a huge MISTAKE on the part of a very selfish bunch of people who got the land for a song, with the BRIBE being more than what they paid for the land to the STATE. No wonder when you start on the wrong footing, you end up with the wrong product, and within months they will either have to close down, or abandon the Golf Course, because in Sri Lanka with the best will in the world you cannot upkeep a 18 hole Golf Course to international standards, unless you are willing to spend the EARTH. 

On top of this, is this going to be a paradise for eves dropping of the VVIP guests I wonder!


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