Thursday, June 30, 2016

The HUMAN CAPITAL SUMMIT – another exercise in futility!

This is another of the series of efforts in the last year, of a Government trying to run, before it can even get up to walk. We are just NOT ready for a Summit such as this to discuss the needs for the future GLOBAL CHALLENGES until we fix our BASIC EDUCATION FIRST.
One important area, where we unlike Malaysia cannot compete in the Global World and no amount of talk of Human Capital is worth the waste of time until that is tackled. See Link article in the Daily News

I think we are ONLY NOW attempting a census of the pre-school education, before guidelines can be implemented so we start from the right footing on a 20 year program to actually educate our newly emerging labor force, and there is VERY LITTLE we can do about the existing labor force, or their Human Capital worth!
It is soft skills that need development and there is NO organized method at the moment in developing these skills, as it is too difficult to explain to the job seeker that his or her lack of soft skills is what is holding him back from competing for the thousands of vacancies that exist in Sri Lanka, which they believe they are capable of, but don’t realize the limitation of their knowledge.

We in Sri Lanka have a small elite who enjoy organizing these summits and spend their time going from one to another. I just hope the PM for one calls their bluff and calls a spade a spade, telling them not to waste their time doing useless things, and go back to basics to educate our labor force to be able to compete for jobs in the Global Marketplace, and for that English knowledge is an essential skill that has to be fast forwarded at all costs in order to do so.

IN parallel it is important that a new PRESCHOOL system is in place to build discipline, value and lateral thinking in children that will hold them in good stead in future, and will form the basis of the new education model, that will enable the foundation for HUMAN CAPITAL to be formed.

While I cannot stop time wasters and money wasters from doing so, all I can bring their notice is that to make their whole event seem worthwhile, they must address the issues at hand and before leaving the SUMMIT agree on a plan of action along with a time table and responsibilities to carry out this plan as soon as possible.

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