Sunday, June 5, 2016

How the Forces Commanders made a decision that was bad for Sri Lanka!

It is now clear from the evidence that is coming out, our three Forces Commanders have made a very grave act of incompetence, leading to their forced resignation in any other self-respecting Country.

Just imagine the shame that the PMs office had to undergo due their making political decisions to ban the Chief Minister from camps etc. The military has NO right to do what they did. I am sorry that the Defence Secretary went along with their edict, rather than wait for the President who was abroad to have briefed them. It is the President who has to make the call, and in his absence, it is the PM who could have advised.

But NO the three BUFOONS called the forces Commanders made a rash, populist, racist, and unjust decision, just because a soldier scolded by an uncouth Chief Minister! On reflection and further going through the facts, it was also the fault of the Navy, for not inviting the CM, and for that the Navy has not even taken any flack. After all they are sticklers for procedure, and even that had NOT been followed and no one in the Navy water boarded for their incompetence.

Just imagine, when foreign missions begin to interfere in our affairs, when we clearly cant take care of our own affairs. It clearly shows what simpletons, in the art of diplomacy and behavior our forces commanders actually have. Would you trust your Country’s security on them? I am not sure I will.

One of the problems is that the previous administration was NOT able to set the limits of what the forces could do, and NOT. After all they are occupying a lot of civilian property, NOT just of Tamil people, but of others as well, which they have NOT yet released. There are many companies and individuals who are still waiting for their property to be released.

It is time the Forces are put back into barracks and brought out to help in Civil Defence and Disaster Management on an as needed basis, and more importantly given some useful tasks, other than rebuilding Temples as an act of Charity to build goodwill amongst the people.

I am awaiting the letters of resignation to the President, by the Forces Commanders, for their error of judgment. It is the Presidents right to refuse to accept. Are they making so much money from Contracts? To hold tight! Greed!   

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    Excellent article 3 weeks after mine which said the same thing. I ask why the forces commanders have not resigned by putting the Country to shame due to their poor judgement! If they use this judgement in war time, God help us.