Tuesday, June 14, 2016

The call for attacks in the US for Ramadan as an act of religious duty!

AND PEOPLE FOLLOW THAT CALL! – What have we created? Have we become so obsessed with wrong that we believe it is right?

Read the attached link, and if the reporting is accurate, then, we have a problem. We have people in this world, that others follow blindly. We must get into the minds of these people, who follow these crazy people, who abuse the name of religion, to cause fear, and think that they are doing something that is right.

Just like my blog here can be accessed by anyone on earth, in a second of my posting it, anyone one else on earth can do the same, and post anything they want. Unfortunately, there is a huge following that do not consider what is written, why, and the state of mind of the writer, and DO NOT question, but instead act like idiots, killing in the name of religion.

Ramadan in a holy month for Islam where people fast, remember those who don’t have to eat, and perform numerous acts of charity towards their fellow human beings. This kind of nonsense, gives Ramadan a bad name in the eyes of the generally ignorant US public, who are NOW MORE THAN EVER likely believe anyone who attacked the Muslim religion, as being GOSPEL.

It is therefore in the interests of the moderates, especially Muslims in the USA to get together with broadcasters, and people with influence, to present a balanced view of the religion in its true intent, and try to explain sects using Sharia Law, and literal translations of how the religion is taught as being extreme interpretations adopted by small minorities, but which have taken hold in many Countries due to the failure of moderate Muslim Countries like Syria to protect its citizens from dictatorship, and injustice. The West must share the blame for much of this, with the Israeli backing, an integral reason for Muslim alienation.

Saudi Arabia has also contributed in no small part to this, by their state sponsored Sunni doctrine, and guardians of Mecca, and Medina, in spawning radicalization, which in the end will be the downfall of the Kingdom, due to their own actions! Once their economy collapses, it is only a matter of time when, the whole House of Cards sorry Saud, implodes, and plans MUST be in place to sort out the debris with minimum disruption to the rest of the world.

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  1. The more the US and the West are attacked and humiliated, the happier the non-Western countries' should be as it is the West and the US who sponsor the terrorists and use them as their proxies to destabilize and destroy those countries. If I happen to hear in the morning a news of the West and the US
    being attacked, my day is made and it is going to be glorious!