Tuesday, May 31, 2016

The BOYCOT was lifted less than a day after I requested it!

My previous blog entry was categorical in demanding that the stupid behavior of the puerile Tri Forces be corrected by immediately lifting the boycott, http://pattapalboru.blogspot.com/2016/05/it-is-clear-that-navy-made-mistake.html and hey presto, in less than 24hours of this recommendation, it was enacted! Now should I demand the resignation of all the Commanders?

This blog is read and acted upon as one that is truly unbiased, and people oriented, with no hidden agenda. I sacrifice to write this blog, and I don’t benefit from it, so it has to be good! RIGHT! Now it is time the journalists use this as a basis for their reports of right and wrong, not another’s agenda!

This is a reminder to the reader that this is the ONLY active blog at present that is simply recommending how this Country should be governed for the benefit of the people with NO personal agenda on my part, except to show with glaring examples, the misbehavior of our leaders, from which ever party they come from, who only harm the people of this Country.

In that sense this is a purely pro person blog on behalf of every hard working resident of Sri Lanka irrespective of their religion, ethnic origin, or language they speak. A truly National representation for the people.

It is only when the people are harmed, usually by people using their position, usually political, to fleece the people they are supposed to protect, do I get mad! This fleecing goes on day in day out, and we must reduce it before we eliminate it, and as many of the people I speak on behalf of are also quite ignorant about the fact that robbery is taking place right under their noses ostensibly for their benefit! A completely bizarre rationale, I attempt to point out to the robbed, that they are being robbed by their new best friend, the person they just voted in!

When the very people we elect are engaged in daylight robbery, and sadly those who are least crooked get branded as crooks, there is something seriously wrong with the system! The people in Parliament are unscrupulous rogues, and they are quick to point the finger at alleged rogues, whose take say Five bucks to themselves, pales in comparison, to the five billion bucks those rogues who make allegations against the five buck thief. This makes a mockery of justice, and people’s trust and therefore the people’s demands for justice!

People demand justice from persons who have DONE NO WRONG, whilst they trust those who are the biggest crooks. They lead them right down the garden path. The system is just simply stacked against the people, and unless the people at least understand that first, there is no method of making redress.

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  1. http://www.dailymirror.lk/110405/Post-mortem-on-the-Nazeer-Ahmed-affair-in-Sampur


    Then had the chief minister been invited to the Sampur Maha Vidyalaya he should have been invited to the stage as well. Leaving him out was an insult to him. Even then he had no option other than taking up the matter with the higher authorities later and handling the issue politically as well as administratively.On the other hand when he had walked towards the stage at the gesture of the governor or without any other invitation, nobody had the right to prevent him from getting on to the stage as he was the chief minister of the province elected by the people and not a security threat. Hence, stopping him was another insult in the presence of foreign dignitaries. The chief minister cannot be an unknown person to a high ranking naval officer in the province. That was indicated by his commendable calm response to the chief minister’s outburst. Though the naval officer was allegedly wrong, it was indecent on the part of the chief minister to pounce on him and to use such harsh words, especially against a senior armed forces officer.Interestingly, the media had publicised the outburst of the chief minister out of context, and not that of the naval officer stopping him as alleged. Nazeer Ahmed has to be condemned for his behaviour at the Sampur Maha Vidyalaya. But condemnation by many people and groups was not out of patriotism or love for the armed forces, as claimed. Seemingly it was politically or communally motivated. When a DIG was publicly insulted by a minister and a powerful official of the previous regime, that video also went viral in the social media. But no fuss was made and the mainstream media totally ignored it. When Major Generals Lucky Algama and Janaka Perera were killed by the LTTE after their security was reduced following their joining hands with the UNP, these people and groups kept mum. President Maithripala Sirisena had attributed this lopsided condemnation of Nazzer Ahmed to the fact that he was a Muslim. In an interview with the Tamil Newspaper Sudar Oli in Nagoya in Japan where he attended the G 7 Summit he had said that it was because of Ahmed being a Muslim that all these accusations had been made. He had also reportedly questioned as to whether there would have been such a fuss made if a Sinhalese had been in the place of Ahmed. The trade union-style action by the armed forces was also unprecedented. However, their concern was justifiable and hence they could have taken up the issue administratively or legally. But finally, all concerned blamed each other after their blundering.