Monday, June 13, 2016


It is very very regrettable that the Republican Presidential Candidate Donald Trump has been handed a golden opportunity, worth, a couple of Billion Dollars, by the Orlando shooter, terrorist, or extremist depending on your interpretation of this excuse for a human being. He is milking the fear of the US Joe!

If Donald were to win, it is at the behest of this excuse, the ignorance of the American people that this mass shooting, though the single biggest in US history, is nothing more than the daily gun related crime that occurs in the US, and if put together, is nothing more than a daily incident.

The average US citizen must fear the 50 incidents that went UNREPORTED due to its regularity, when compared with the ONE that actually hit the headlines! However this ONE incident will raise the bar on American Prejudice, against Muslims, Donalds attitude to prevent Muslims coming into the US, and ironically this was a man born in the DONALD’S New York, and would never have been stopped by his foolish proposals!

Instead of going against gun violence, and limiting their use, and access, he is proposing the wrong solution, by limiting access to foreigners to come to the US, when this terrorist, was a US born citizen, who would NOT be picked up in Donald’s America. This simple fact is lost on his gallery, which is getting larger, as he has unfairly attacked President Obama for NOT attacking radical ISLAM in this instance. He is POTUS. He has to stick to being a National Consolidator, on behalf of all Americans, and NOT pick on religion as the cause of this crime, and imagine world indignation if he attacked Muslims for the action of a loner with a problem.

People of the US, don’t get sucked into the rhetoric of an opportunist, who feigns allegiance to the USA, when he is in reality, only in it for himself, the ultimate showman in a showbiz crazy nation, that should reserve the top job for one that frees people from bureaucracy, but holds and preserved the freedoms, that DO NOT result in harm to others if taken for granted.

If this first shot was anything to go by, it is simply despicable of him to castigate his President who has to hold the emotions of the people steady, so they do not go around abusing innocent Americans, due to their beliefs. Don’t ever forget the Pilgrims came to America to escape religious intolerance, and they must permit those Muslims fleeing Wahabism in Saudi Arabia too, to come to the US. 

What he should fight for should ONLY be to ensure NO HATE PREACHER HAS access to the young impressionable MIND!  Think about it, it is the homophobic hate preacher who influenced the killer to commit mass murder. Who then is the real murderer?


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  1. Trump is just a presidential candidate trying to leverage anything he can to get more votes.

    President Obama has to be Presidential representing the interests of all Americans. Even if he wanted to mention radical islam, he has to be diplomatic in his statement, NOT alienate hard working Muslim Americans who have fled trauma to the US.