Thursday, June 9, 2016

Our Politicians don’t even realize they are liars, as that is part of their DNA DEPARTMENT OF WILDLIFE CONSERVATION – HOT SEAT~

One only has to read the article in today’s Daily Mirror, to realize that someone is lying through their teeth, and expecting us the public to believe their lies~

I ask the reader to rationally read this very important article, that goes to the heart of the Sri Lankan Sickness and until and unless it is cured, the Country has NO HOPE of moving forward.

This is the first time in History of Government Service, that the employees of the Wildlife Department themselves have agitated against the resignation of their Director General. In fact it is the first time that any employees of a Government Department or Ministry have done so on behalf of their BOSS.

What does that tell you? Either ALL the employees are crooks, or he was the only Boss who permitted them to do their JOB without fear or favor, and BACKED them to the hilt if they performed their job in accordance with their duties, and IN KEEPING with the law of the land, that is clear and unambigoius.

It is clear that Minister Sajith Premadasa is lying, as this kind of denial in the face of so much evidence to the contrary, is NOT defensible and goes to the heart of his integrity. Unfortunately he may not realize that his integrity is in question here! That is why I said it is part of the DNA. Being an animal lover, going to Yala a zillion times, photographing and documenting animals, and believing it your right to break the rules that others have to follow on entry to any National Park, does not IN ANY WAY protect one from personality defects of personal animosity to people. That, if a common personality trait, precludes one from holding high office, as it removes objectivity and fairness in decision making.

As for the action of the Minister of Sustainable Development and Wildlife, no one relies on his statements due to his age, and senility, and permits him a degree of leeway due to being an elder statesman. We must have some regard to our disabled politicians, and take what he says with a pinch of salt, and I am sure even the DG of Wildlife Conservation has realized in such a short period of interaction, not to get too uptight with statements and utterance from this gentlemen of the past.

It will certainly be another disaster, four in a month for Sri Lanka, if the PM is not able to persuade Dr. Pilapitiya to withdraw his resignation and continue on the job.   


  1. If truth be told, President Premadasa never wanted Sajith to go into politics, he did so anyway. Now we know why the father felt he was not suited! He maybe hardworking, but he will get rid of! anyone he does not like, pure and simple.

    You can't run a Country only with people you like, surely!

  2. When the population you are asked to protect dont have a vote, it means that the flora and fauna who you are batting for, are unable to support you in your fight, only those who have taken up arms with you on this fight.

    In Sri Lanka that human following is not yet sufficient for Governments to take note. People power MUST grow to a degree, where Politicians will take note, and bumptious and arrogant charlatans, in the guise of politicians, will be shown where to get off!

  3. This is just a private personal spat between the Yala Warden and Sajith Premadasa, that should have been left at that. Gamini Jayawickrema just got in the way trying to help, not knowing his onions due to his age and senility and made the matter far worse than it should be.

    Moral is to have a competency test as a leader, and psychological counselling for personality disorders, neither of which we have any plan to action in future.

  4. Statement by Sajith Premadasa;
    It is a very sad situation when lies untruths and deception is utilized as tools to assassinate my character when all along ever since I was brought to the jungle when I was six months old by my father, I have strived to love nature, fauna, flora and all animals. At all times I have promoted conservation efforts over and above other development priorities. The irony of the situation is as follows: it was I who informed the hon minister and the DG WLC that gun shots were heard inside YNP. It was I who requested the head of STF to set up camps, and 4 such camps were duly established and they are in place even at this time. It was I who spoke personally with the attorney general and put him in touch with the DG to provide adequate legal support for wild life officers when they appear before courts since poachers have better representation. It was I who pushed the hon minister of wild life and the relevant officers to conduct raids and operations to catch the culprits who murdered and massacred the leopards of YNP. It was I who encouraged and initiated an effort to commence a leopard research center under the leadership of Anjali Watson and Andrew Kittle at YNP to promote leopard conservation. Already plans are in place to implement this initiative. It is I who championed the cause of the WL dept officers in the field who are working in the most difficult of circumstances and hence as the minister of housing I have initiated a housing program for wild life officers in order to induce them to do more for wild life conservation. Through out my life I have initiated many efforts to promote conservation and never have i ever protected poachers whom I consider as mass murderers. With all of this I now stand accused by a bunch of liars as a protector of poachers....truth will prevail one day..the god above will testify to my innocence.

  5. Torn between loyalty to sycophants and love of elephants, do you chose love or loyalty? The classic politicians conundrum!