Friday, October 26, 2012

What is the deal? Will she resign or will she face an impeachment?

In my previous blog entry I called for the resignation of the Chief Justice on the grounds that she finds her position untenable. There is however another side of the story. Supposing her husband is innocent, and he is used as a scapegoat for the wrongs of more weighty personalities, then should she resign knowing full well this is a set up either to force her to resign or be put into an untenable situation?

So I do not believe she will resign, and the Govt. is looking for a two thirds majority to impeach the Chief Justice, on what grounds I know not, but for this govt. does one need justifiable grounds anyway?

It is battle stations, people must take sides and if the impeachment is based on flimsy premises, all law abiding citizens of Sri Lanka must defend the Judiciary, despite its past track record as being a lap dog of the Administration.

It will be an interesting fight, and I cannot predict the winner, except to say that the Govt. will put pressure on its own members to vote the way they say and not according to their conscience as it is the way things are done here. You either accept the MR way or you have NO way.

With the courts muzzled, with the press muzzled it is very difficult to go against the Govt. However if the numbers opposing the way they do business are large, it will give those with a clear conscience the strength of character and will to fight for justice against an increasingly autocratic, schizophrenic state that is looking under the beds for their enemies and making enemies out of everyone as they go along.

The lack of education and understanding of the people to the real goings on here is the unknown factor in not being able to be sure of the people’s backing and the agitation on the streets which our people have not shown an inclination lately to engage in, out of fear or out of ignorance as to the action taking place affecting their daily lives.

Let us hope it is not too long for this issue to be resolved and the people to get back to some semblance of normalcy.  

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