Wednesday, October 3, 2012

The Nonsense of the implementation of the 13th Amendment!

Surprise, surprise, we now have the 18th Amendment and it seems the 13th is still to be implemented. What does that tell the person with some common sense? Simply that Sri Lanka’s constitution is meaningless, a sham and a joke, as some amendments are implemented, some aspects of the Constitution are blatantly and flagrantly violated by the Government, and others are implemented in parts that only benefit the Government or their interpretation, thanks to the biased judiciary that appears usually to take the interpretation the Govt. makes.

So is it any wonder when the EPC (Eastern Provincial Council) is split 4 ways? With the voter expressing their views more on race based parties rather than for parties with national political platforms.

The SLMC in its current guise is again fooling the visiting US Under Secretary of State for South Asia, Robert Blake of their particular stance and their need for separate representation of their rights through the SLMC as the voting results are proof that they have a racist voter base, just as the TNA has. Is that a good thing or not? Well I think it is a bad thing as it is proof positive the Muslims are using the religion card to grab their piece of the action. It therefore leaves no alternative but to disregard both the TNA and the SLMC, and also the race and religion based coalition parties of the UPFA and just go it alone on the National level parties that ensure the unity and integrity of Sri Lanka.

I have earlier taken the view that these parties had legitimate grievances that led to them being aired via their political representation, but it has come to the point where these parties are playing to the gallery and have NO intention of working towards Unity in Diversity, rather there are working for selfish personal, goals that compromise the unitary nature of the country.

The leadership of the TNA and SLMC are very narrow minded, and have isolated their voter base, by playing to the basest instincts of people by frightening them to vote along race/religion based lines. I believe that it is wrong to do so, though it has obviously proved to be politically expedient.

Time now to throw the TNA and SLMC to the wolves, to gobble up their racist half-baked ideas, and simply represent the interests of just one set of people who happen to come in different hues, and beliefs under one nation.

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