Tuesday, October 9, 2012

What has happened to the investigation into the attack on the Secretary of the Judicial Services Commission?

As I reported a day ago, I half expected this hollow call for an investigation into the above noted attack, to be a lot of hot air with no real clues coming from an investigation which the IGP is heading. Is it that they are clueless, or is it that it points directly to the Government which ordered it to instill fear in anyone who dares to raise their hands or points a finger at the Government’s continual wrongdoings and breaking of the law?

You can guess the answer to it, but my firm belief is, every news item makes a few stories for a day or two, and dies away only to be replaced by another outrageous act of defiance by the Government, far worse than the previous one. This modus operandi to increase the magnitude of the abuse at each step, is bound to take the shine of the previous misstep! And I shudder to think where these series of outrageous acts will end. Each is more daring than the one that precedes it. It is now a game, where there is no time for the opposition to get their breath when the next item on the miscarriage of justice surfaces, and the opposition is caught flat footed.

It is time for an outcry to find out who is at the bottom of it. However each time this is done, the Govt. does not feel obliged to react or answer allegations, as they know the opposition is powerless to do anything about it. It is now time for the Judiciary to make a stand, as it is in the power of the judiciary to call the Govt. to account. Let us hope that they are able to make a stand, as they are learned people who will not wish to have history judge them for being spineless and without principle in doing their duty to the citizens they are bound to defend and protect.

The judiciary today meekly called off the action they took yesterday to halt proceedings in the Court system. If they go on indefinite protest, it will definitely galvanize the Government and embolden the opposition to make a stand on behalf of the people. It is time instigation of the action starts with the Supreme Court which should get an individual to make a case that they will rule on that turns around years of abusive behavior, without even a break or a step back. It is time that the Govt. realizes that they cannot get away with everything and that they alone have all the power. A ruling on the acts that are being forced through parliament these days will put a break on fast tracking questionable legislation, and get the public to think about what is happening today and why. Impotence on the part of the public is costly.

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