Wednesday, October 24, 2012

The banning of the exclusive up-market tented safaris inside parks without warning is a typical example of decision making of idiots!

Without warning without notice, a sudden decision to immediately ban tented safaris operating inside National Parks, has become another hammer that the President and his merry cheerleaders, family and all sorts has dealt against the hospitality (tourist) industry that this schizophrenic government had decided is important to the Country’s growth and future development.

It was intimated that other politicians had given permission, but that they were not authorized to do so, and further that the Wildlife Department whilst accepting huge fees Rs millions a year from them, had upset existing operators who were not granted licenses for cheap campsites with unproven safety and ecological safeguards and that they led by local pols were out to get the big guys! I do not know the undercurrents and looking at the action and damage caused to Sri Lanka in this report.

The background of licensing and irregularities if any must be investigated and a solution sought. However, the leader of this country DOES NOT understand business, which has to be generated over a long term, with advanced bookings by tourists over a year ahead. One cannot suddenly stop their bookings, especially when the type of tourist coming for this holiday is paying huge sums, to hire planes, helicopters and come on the exclusive safaris, some over US$500 a day with US$50 per day as park fees alone!

The President of this country does not understand the word Exclusive as he probably has never received any real exclusive treatment! This is another to add to the list of unpatriotic acts by the head of state ostensibly to show patriotism. We cannot run a country at the whims of a dictator of a Banana Republic. We must have laws, rules and justice in order to do business. We have no future in a country with this kind of autocratic dictatorial action.

It is alleged that this was banned, primarily due to the Yala business being lucrative to the operators and Namal Rajapakse wanted part of the money action. So he could ban these and setup his own or ask those going out of business as a result to sell the business to him for nothing. This is further reinforced by Namal involving himself in the decision by influencing the President his father in such illegal acts. Why does the country have to pay such a heavy price for these types of village idiots who purport to defend this country, when they attack the CORE of this country, the hardworking people who bring in much needed business and foreign exchange?

Don’t the citizens finally realize that there is NO future with the current incumbents engaging in acts that are detrimental for the future of this country. They are influenced by local people in hoc with local politicians who are only interested in stuffing their pockets without doing anything for it, be it for the country or even to the people they represent. Short sighted unplanned ad hoc, keen jerk reactions MUST be stopped, please!!!!

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