Wednesday, October 31, 2012

The Plot thickens – will she be pushed out, asked to take a long vacation or just plain disposed of –with the Govt. you don’t know what to expect!

I said first that the CJ will step aside if she has some self-respect. Then I said that she will not resign on principal as she sees this as a below the belt dirty conspiracy to force her to toe the line with the Govt. and will therefore resist any push at all costs.

Then I noted in the previous blog entry of the Asian Human Rights Commission reporting the letter sent to Parliament anonymously, that the CJs husband is behind the assault on the Secretary of the JSC as the CJ was having an affair with him. Now Jayaratne Herath the MP who tabled it to the speaker along with two letters is saying he did nothing of the kind!

The latest is that 118 signatures have been collected from MPs to impeach the CJ if she does not resign. I also understand that the Govt. has got retired AG Asoka de Silva ready to take on the yes man CJ role by forcing the CJ to take a leave of absence. Technically a retired person cannot be appointed the CJ, but as it is only for a temporary period then it may be OK or the saying goes. This is a joke! Anyway at present only Asoka de Silva thinks so.

So once Asoka comes on board he is to sign off on the Divi Neguma and the Govt. gets what it wants yet again. This game continues like Rome burns while Nero fiddles!

Anyway what of the CJ herself? How is she taking this unprecedented attack? She was appointed as a yes man and some of her earlier judgments were to the Govts bidding or liking, now has she seen the light and turned, just like Sarath Silva did after he left? It seems. What are her motives? Is it what history will judge her by? What else has she to live by? Is she gung ho on getting even at the way her rather simple thinking husband has been treated and taken to the cleaners and now spat out by the administration?

It is time others in the administration realize that they could be next. No one is sure of their own position. The power rule is only by fear, and those in favor today, could have their throats slit tomorrow. That comes with the territory. It is therefore safe to watch at a distance and comment on this merry making as I have nothing to gain or lose in telling the truth. I owe it to my country and her citizens to point out failings and if sufficient people understand them we can agitate for real change for the better.

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