Wednesday, October 10, 2012

FUTA in a dilemma whether to accept a letter from PBJ!

FUTA has received a letter from the Treasury Secretary along the lines of a temporary solution to many of their grievances. They, the FUTA have now to decide whether to accept, believe and trust this letter before deciding to get back to work. They are caught in a real dilemma.

On the face of it the letter seems reasonable. However on second thoughts, the track record of the Govt. and PBJ in particular are rather suspect. They must therefore make a ruling on whether it was right to accept a letter from PBJ who has no clout or his Minister who happens to be the President who if he reneges will be shown to be a liar. PBJ lying is not new and part of his behavior, hence the dilemma!!!!

The added pressure of not being paid for 4 months is hurting some of the honest teachers who are committed to teaching students. The dishonest one however who have other means of income by moonlighting in private tertiary academies however are not as badly affected. Some are on Govt. sinecures and have been some of the academics who have denounced FUTA.

Added to them, some in the Medical Faculties have also not joined the strike as many are highly paid Channel Specialists who earn more in a week through the private hospital system than they earn in a month as professors in the state medical system. They use their professor ship to gain a reputation, which then transcends into charging high consultancy rates for a 5 minute consultation.

I presume the letter does not refer to the 6% for state education request. Personally I do not believe it can be done instantaneously as the current system cannot even manage the capital expenditure budget adequately and requires considerable planning before a better managed program of Capital Expenditure for all areas and for a directed increase in Training Top class teachers is even attempted.

Above all, it is important that FUTA obtains a commitment from the Govt. to tackle the areas of immediate need responsibly, and show a commitment for the welfare of the students who have now been badly affected by the strike, Z score fiasco and the lack of tools in their quest for a reasonable education, with employment as a main goal. If this can be achieved then they should return with an added zest to teach their charges with greater dedication.

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