Tuesday, October 2, 2012

The lie exposed – what more proof do you want?

When intelligent and I think fair minded people defended the right of the UPFA team to be elected under the Mahinda Chinthana doctrine as opposed to the lesser ambitious but far more realistic one by the opponent, they thought that it was workable, practical and above all in the interests of the country. We could not have been proved more wrong today. Most of the intelligent less gullible people have already turned, (look at the FUTA team for example, the card carrying MR brigade who cannot stomach any more empty words from him now), then there is the intelligent gullible Columbians who are now bought over by exterior cleaning of the streets walkways for the wealthy (throwing the pavement vendors out of business) and who are notoriously autocratic, wanting someone who can keep them safe in their plush homes, and that is a dictator, until he comes wanting to grab your home, and then it is too late!!

At the end of the spectrum are the poor and hapless who are fed a daily diet of lies on the squawk box (TV) of Rupavahini and ITN and who are ashamed that they have been lied to and cannot believe the extent of the lies and are further convinced the lie will one day become the truth. They are the perpetual voters of the current regime, fed by fear of the unthinkable, who do not have the education to think beyond their noses, thanks to the ridiculously underfunded education system of moron teachers, educated under the by heart system of belief, who impart NO THINKING powers on their students. So we are on this vicious cycle from one generation to the next, with a good education being the only missing link from reality and understanding right from wrong.

When the country is led by the under educated and the lack of thought in lying leaders, who are only expert at fooling, what hope have the others who are clear minded, focused and productive in an economy where laws are passed by people barely able to read, with backgrounds that would frighten a mother to leave her child for even a moment with? They leave the shores.

It is time for rational people to take control of their future and of the country from plundering and massacring miscreants, and call a spade a spade and do what is right by the citizenry who now have a debt of RS300,000 per man woman and child that has to be paid one day in blood or slavery once the plunderers have fled to greener pastures with their loot, leaving a desolate and derelict state bereft of resources. Who pray is kidding whom?

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